7 things Code Geass has done that no other anime has done

For many anime lovers Geass code, It’s one of the greatest animations out there. Its story is wonderfully complex and the characters are personified and unique. Plus, the animation is great – especially for a series from the early 2000s. Even the voice acting is incredibly good for both the original Japanese version and the English dubbed.

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Code Geass A must for anime fans – especially for those who enjoy it death note Because both series contain an amazing amount of drama and intrigue. What really determines Code Geass Apart from all the other animations, what makes it one of the best series ever are the different story elements.

7 All plot elements are realistic

Most anime fans, especially shounen fans, are accustomed to the voluntary suspension of disbelief. Sometimes things have to happen to continue the plot, but Code Geass It avoids these issues. Everything Lelouch does is subject to cause and effect. Every decision he makes is approached in a pragmatic manner, and when he makes a mistake, he actually fails.

Most anime protagonists have a bit of a plot shield that saves them from their mistakes, but in Loach’s case, the fact that he’s subject to reality is what makes Code Geass Interesting and interesting.

6 It doesn’t need mechanics to be good

All anime fans are familiar with the mecha anime. Even those who haven’t seen it have heard of shows like Gundam And maybe even a lesser known series like darling in franks. However, not all anime fans like mecha anime because of their natural nature. However, while Code Geass Anime may be mecha, mecha is just a small aspect of the series.

Code Geass It introduces fans to the mecha anime style in an incredibly easy-to-digest way, making the series even more interesting for those who don’t like the genre. Code Geass It can still work without the mechanics, which makes it more unique than any other mecha anime.

5 It’s an action anime in a shoujo style

art style Code Geass It is incredibly recognizable even to those who have not seen it before. The angular features and pretty faces are not typical of Mica or Seinen. Most of the fans who are not familiar with it Code Geass You probably associate the style with shoujo and that’s because of the studio behind it.

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Code Geass Designed by CLAMP famous for series like card captor sakura And the Chubbits. Cartoon style with lovely characters looks strange to cartoon style like Geass code, But it works perfectly. It sets it apart from other anime of the same genre and it would look completely different without it.

The animation studios want every series to be popular. Animation is used most often to announce the source material, but every now and then a series is created that is not based on the manga. Not only Code Geass Absolutely original, but made to be popular.

everything in Code Geass The plot, character design, and fan service reflect what was popular in animation at the time. This is especially evident when compared to the most popular series from the early 2000s, such as Gundam seeds. a lot of items Code Geass taken from Gundam seedsWhich skyrocketed in popularity. Consider how well CLAMP works with Geass code, Oddly enough, no other anime has been created just based on what was popular at the time.

3 Lelouch is the protagonist unlike anyone else

While most anime series like to claim that they don’t have a typical hero, Code Geass is the only string where this is actually true. Lelouch is not a hero, anti-hero, or a villain. He feels like a real person with a complex personality and multi-layered background.

Lelouch matures noticeably over the course of Code Geass. Most importantly, it is not perfect or infallible. He may be a genius, but he can still make mistakes. How he makes up for those mistakes is what makes him such an intriguing character.

2 It takes political intrigue to the next level

While there are other anime series that comment on politics, none have done so like Code Geass. The show is a political thriller and shows all sides of the conflict. There are no good sides or bad sides, and it’s a realistic mindset for people.

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Cartoons about politics and war often overlook the smallest details such as racism and the deaths of innocents, but Code Geass It deals with all this in an interesting and realistic way. No other anime has dealt with the brutality of invasion like Code Geass which distinguishes it from all other animations.

1 There is no obvious villain

The great thing about anime with well-developed characters is that everyone’s beliefs and motives are incredibly clear and because of that, an argument can be made for every aspect. Even in a series full of death and destruction, there is no obvious villain. All Code Geass A character has a reason for their actions, and most of the time each character wants to do them right through their own people and country.

conflicts in Code Geass Come from personalities who differ on how to make the world better. Other anime series usually have villains just for the sake of evil. The moral ambiguity in everything is what makes it Code Geass very great.

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