5 Fortnite characters who could break the cycle (and 5 who would fail to try)

As the name suggests, The Loop in Fortnite is an endless cycle of rebirth and death. The characters within this system could not be killed and slowly lost their minds until their primal instincts for survival became the only thing left. However, in a strange twist of fate, some characters manage to challenge her.

They get up over and over to fight back and try to break the cycle or try to find a way to escape from it. But not all of them are trapped inside it. Some come and go as they like, while others are ubiquitous and don’t need to bother escaping the loop at all.

However, not everyone is lucky enough to find a way to escape. They will be bugged here, on an endless treadmill, until the end of time or at least until someone finds out how to put an end to this temporal madness.

Top 5 Fortnite Characters That Can Easily Break Free From The Loop

5) Dr. Sloan

Dr. Sloan will undoubtedly be able to break the cycle. As a high-ranking officer in the Imagined Order, she has the resources to do whatever she pleases. But this will never happen.

Since they have unrestricted access to technology, they simply come and go as they please. A good example of this is when I left The Loop to meet Lex Luthor in Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point.

4) cube queen

The Cube Queen can actually open a crack using the power of the Golden Cube. This force cannot be measured or restricted to one place in spacetime. If you could use a tiny fraction of that power to send Kevin The Cube back to the island from her reality, destroying The Loop would be child’s play.

In fact, when she invaded the island, she wasn’t worried about the episode. Instead, her focus was on the destruction of the island and its reality itself. Talk about anger management issues.

3) Galaxy Scott

While this is a hypothetical “what if” scenario, a character known as the Galaxy Scout might be able to break the loop under the right circumstances. Since they are literally made of “stars”, within them lies the indescribable power of the universe itself.

However, it is not clear if she will do this because it will not benefit her in the least. Giving her the power of the universe will allow her to go wherever she wants.

2) Raz

Raz is a real wildcard when it comes to breaking the ring in Fortnite. He mysteriously appears on the island after The Zero Point was encapsulated and protected from a supernova exposure. He also quickly disappeared when the season ended.

However, while on the island, this mysterious character was trying to harness the power of Zero Point. Since his back had runic marks on it, he might be working for the Cube Queen. Perhaps he was helping her find a way to speed up the conquest or perhaps destroy reality and the ring beside it.

1) Midas

Even though Midas was just a mortal, he almost ascended to the god rank by nearly destroying the ring. Although he may have been unsuccessful, his failure moved everything that has happened so far in Fortnite.

However, with more resources and time, it can be concluded that Midas was able to break through the ring and escape. Once released, he would likely haunt the imagined system until the end of reality.

Top 5 Fortnite characters that will be stuck in The Loop forever

5) Billy

What can be said about Billy that has not been said before? It’s the source of all the jokes, the banana in all the juice, and the reason behind the high number of road accidents on the island.

He’s so clumsy that even if he figured out a way to break the loop, he’d probably mess things up and he’d turn juice, again. It’s safe to assume that Billy never escapes the ring.

4) Batman who laughs

Batman Who Laughs may be in The Loop, but he’s not part of it in the way he talks. His dark metallic eyebrow shielded him from the ring’s impact and kept him sane, or at least preserved what was left of his sanity.

Given his need for bloodshed, why would he need to escape the ring in Fortnite? With his ability to kill those trapped in the ring over and over again, he has no reason to leave.

3) Enterprise

Despite possessing the latest technology and thousands of years of experience, The Foundation and The Seven have been stuck in The Loop since time immemorial. Given their role in maintaining balance not only in Fortnite but in the universe itself, they might have ruined The Loop for a long time if they could.

However, since they refuse to leave the island, like everyone else, they are also stuck. Although they might win the war against the imagined system, it was only a matter of time before the organization gained the upper hand again.

2) Agent Jones

Of all the characters in Fortnite viewed so far, Agent Jones is one of the most experienced when it comes to traveling to and from The Loop. This means that it has a high level security clearance, which means it can be tracked.

In this case, even if Gonzi somehow manages to escape the ring, the imagined command will find him and imprison him again. Even worse, they may reset his memory and put him back to work in the organization.

1) loafers

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Of all the characters that will never break the ring in Fortnite, the Loopers (the players) are on top. For nearly five years, they’ve been jumping off the Battle Bus and fighting each other to win the Victory Royale, only to reset everything every 22 minutes.

While they fight against the imagined system and are victorious, they are nothing but pawns in the grand scheme of things in the Metaverse. None of them even knew how they got there or why they were fighting from the start.

Note: This article is personal and reflects the author’s opinions only.

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