5 Anime Kiba Can Defeat (And 5 He’ll Lose)

Kiba was a supporting character in Naruto And a member of Konoha 11. He has been fighting alongside Akamaru since the days of the Chunin Exams, having mastered a number of deadly dog-based attacks. The young ninja was even featured in the Fourth Shinobi War for his performance against the Gedo Statue.

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Despite being far from the strongest shinobi in Konoha, Kiba’s Fang Over Fang jutsu is fast and destructive. By determining how he will deal with anime characters from another universe, it becomes easy to understand how powerful he is through comparison.

10 Can Be Defeated: Guevara’s Tactics Don’t Work on a High Speed ​​Adversary (Baki)

Guevara was a very powerful martial artist. His signature style removed his opponent’s sense of balance by inserting a hair into the inner lobe and crushing it.

However, Kiba’s Fang Over Fang technique moves too quickly for Guevara’s tactics to be effective. Furthermore, his lack of physical strength would put him at a disadvantage as he would not be able to fend off direct shinobi attacks.

9 Who would lose: Gigantomachia’s strength and hardening overwhelm Kiba (My Hero Academia)

Gigantomachia was a huge beast in the service of All For One. In addition to the power that can smash skyscrapers, he is also able to fight for more than a month in a row without getting tired.

Given that Gigantomachia’s weirdness provided him with a degree of defense, Kiba’s Fang Over Fang attack would not be effective even if the villain couldn’t dodge it. Given how much he struggled to break through the Sakon/Okun barrier, a living wall that he could resist would prove to be a challenge too dangerous for a shinobi to overcome.

8 Can Defeat: Ymir lacks Kiba’s lethal power (Attack on Titan)

Although Ymir is the most agile in the series of three Jaw Titans, he lacks lethal power more than the other Transformers. She can’t harden her jaw or claws, which limits the amount of damage she can do to Kiba. In addition, Kiba can use his ability to transform Man Beast into a creature that surpasses Ymir in length and potential.

Should he reach this form, he wouldn’t have to worry about his opponent dribbling the Fang Over Fang Technique in order to defeat it. In the end, Ymir’s poor lethality rate and lack of formal training led to her downfall.

7 Would lose to: Akira’s Stand Counter Kiba in every way (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Akira’s biggest advantage is that he can control his stance over a long distance. As a result, the only way a kippa might be able to find its owner is through its great sense of smell. However, since he had never met Akira before, he would have no indication of what he was looking for.

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Since the stand is able to move at lightning speed, Kiba will not be able to simply ignore it while focusing on its user. He would likely waste a few seconds of his life trying to defeat him directly, realizing his mistake too late.

6 Can Defeat: Seryu Ub Everywhere Doesn’t Have Kiba’s (Akame Ga Kill!) versatility

Like Kiba, Seryu Ub fights all over the place alongside a canine companion. Although he is able to assume a number of forms (including the two-legged beast-like beast), the two have never shown the same synergy as their Konoha counterparts.

Given that Seryu was hit by Mine’s attack with the hyper-telegraph rifle, it follows that Kiba’s Fang Over Fang would be just as successful. A direct hit effectively ends the fight, as Kiba proves to be strong enough to smash through indestructible metal gates.

5 Who would lose: Roy nets are crafted for the perfect trap (Demon Slayer)

As one of the strongest demons in his world, Rui’s skills should not be underestimated. In addition to his amazing agility, he is able to create spider webs strong enough to shred hard steel.

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Given Kiba’s inexperience with the Devil and his overconfidence in himself, it is likely that he would charge head-first in such trappings. This would inevitably cause fatal injuries, one that Roy could take advantage of in order to eliminate the shinobi dog.

4 Can be defeated: The helicopter does not have any forms capable of defeating Kiba (One Piece)

Most Chopper Points (such as Arm Point, Guard Point, and even Kung Fu Point) are not able to stand against Kiba’s Fang Over Fang or Man-Beast transformation techniques. His only viable option is Monster Point, which proved devastating enough to defeat a CP9 member with a single punch.

Despite mastering Monster Point, he still puts an enormous amount of stress on Chopper’s body. Kiba will only need to hold off until the doctor exhausts himself before going into the killing.

King Bradley was a man of tremendous speed and strength. His omnipotent eye allowed him to perceive and dodge bullets, which made him able to evade Kiba’s jutsu more easily.

Given that he was powerful enough to pierce a tank, that meant Bradley wouldn’t be difficult to deal with Kiba in close combat. He also managed to fend off the entire northern battalion, indicating that he was able to fight many opponents at once. Therefore, Akamaru would not be able to help his master in any substantial way.

2 Can be defeated: Sharon is weak against physical attacks (Fire Force)

Sharon’s ignition ability allowed him to capture and divert his opponents’ attacks. Although effective in combat from the likes of the eighth company, they are almost useless when faced with physical strength.

Given that both Man Beast’s transformation and Fang Over Fang depended on raw strength, Charon had nothing to protect himself from Kiba. Although he was still a physically imposing man, he would be engulfed in a shinobi hound’s attack and be defeated almost instantly.

1 He might lose: Itachi is stronger than Kiba in everything (Naruto)

Itachi has options when he defeats Kiba. The clearest path to success is to throw a genjutsu at him, which would calm the ninja long enough to make a direct attack. He can also counter the Man Beast transformation from his Susanoo’s safety, cutting her into a head-to-head brawl.

Alternatively, an Akatsuki member can use the Amaterasu knowing that Kiba has no way to counter him. The only question regarding a possible fight between Kiba and Itachi is how the former will die.

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