10 Worst Things About Shounen Anime

The anime industry can be divided not only by literary genres such as fantasy or science fiction, but also by demographic. This means dividing the industry into four divisions: shonen, shojo, seinen and josei. The shounen demographic is arguably the largest and most universally attractive of them all, but it’s not perfect.

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On the plus side, there’s a lot to love about shonen, from the inspiring and timeless themes to the fantastic combat systems and great humor. However, there are some downsides to avoid, certain aspects of the demographic that are questionable or outright awful in some cases. Even the biggest shonen fans would agree that the worst side of shonen can be a real handicap sometimes.

10 Shounen is hypersensitive about killing its heroes

From time to time, shounen titles kill their heroes, such as when Neji Hyuga died in battle or Jon’s mentor Kate died at the hands of Neferbito, but these are exceptions. Unlike the brutal seinen anime, shounen anime is very sensitive to killing its beloved heroes and shocking young fans.

fairy tale story The heroes have some of the thickest plot armor in fiction, and only the bad guys have been killed in them whiteningThe fake Karakura Town arc, with the heroes surviving everything Aizen could throw at them. This can seem unreal at times and relieve stress.

9 Shonen Anime has a lot of fillers

While anime stuffing has some advantages, most anime fans don’t like and avoid padding episodes or arcs. Furthermore, shounen appears to be more prone to stuffing than any other type. NarutoAnd the fairy tale, And the whitening They contain a large amount of filler, often whole seasons. piece It also has some, but to a lesser degree.

The filler episodes in shonen disrupt the pace and tension of the story, especially if they appear halfway through a main story, which often happens frustratingly in whitening. Naruto Fans had to go through the equivalent of a few years stuffing to finally get there Shippuden And watch the actual story.

8 Some shonen anime pull seriously

A lot of shounen anime has a cool rhythm, like Demon SlayerThe other series, however, seem like a marathon and a half. Even if the content is good, this can be a real hassle for anime fans who don’t have every day to enjoy piece or Naruto or black clover.

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The Seinen and josei anime series tends to have a strong rhythm and tell a great story in a few episodes, but not shonen. These series like to savor themselves and prolong things with endless fights or adventures, and they can tire viewers.

7 Shonen shows tend to feel the same

Some of my shonen threads feel relatively fresh, like hero-turned-villain Eren Yeager, but most shonen threads are fairly even, and this may upset some anime fans who prefer more variety in their offerings. Too many of my shounen threads are excited teenage boys who have everything to prove.

True, there are marketing reasons why this default model is often the case, but still savvy anime fans do not like it. Not everyone wants to meet another boy of adventure out loud for millions of time in a new anime series – they’re ready for something completely different, and shounen probably won’t.

6 Shounen has some raw humor

Every anime series needs at least a little bit of humor, and even the darkest hostile heroes can crack jokes or make witty remarks at times. Then there’s shonen, which features some of the most rude and obnoxious humor in the entire animation industry, and that’s going to upset some people.

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Young children might just find the grotesque Jiggle Butt Gang funny, but no one will. Filler characters like those give fans another reason to skip the filler, but unfortunately, some “hard-working humor” is found in the main shonen anime series, and it can spoil the mood.

5 Strengths and victories often feel questionable

The good news is that modern shounen anime is getting better at it, like Izuku Midoriya trains hard to earn every bit of strength he has, the kind that Tanjiro Kamado does. But despite this, shounen is famous for its many seemingly cheap contrived power-up victories.

whiteningSuperstar Ichigo Kurosaki went beyond a decade of training to achieve Bankai in just three days, all to be able to battle a mandatory final battle with Captain Byakuya Kuchiki. while, fairy tale story Loaded with contrived and unearned victories, often through logic-defying forces or the brute force of the power of friendship.

4 Parents are frustrated or lost

Anime parents can sometimes be heroic or iconic characters, with Ichigo’s father Ishin Kurosaki and Tohru Honda’s compassionate mother Kyoko being two examples. Despite this, shonen anime mostly focuses on its teenage characters and neglects their parents’ avatars.

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Fittingly, these parents are often either deceased or missing, such as Gunjing’s father, both Naruto’s parents, and Izuku’s mysterious Midoriya. Parents can be wise, insightful, and empathetic characters in fiction, but shounen anime rarely benefits from that.

3 Heroines are often sidelined or abused

This is another bad aspect of shounen that has, fortunately, improved in recent years, but the problem remains. Understandably, shonen focuses primarily on prospective men, given the target audience, but there is still room for some inspirational and powerful female characters as well.

Shonen tends to underestimate or exploit these characters, though, by treating them as pinup girls for fan service, making them girls in distress or simply giving them nothing to do other than shout out the name of the hero in anxiety during a fight. Nami, Orihime Inoue, and Irina Pendleton are all examples of this. At least it is found in Shonen Nopara Kojisaki, Oshko Uraraka and Nzuku Kamado.

2 Romance is weak or completely absent

In all fairness, the shojo demographic’s mission is primarily to thrill and delight young fans with sweeping tales of romance and drama, but even so, the shonen romance feels underpowered. It should also be noted that a lot of romance fans watch shounen, and will be disappointed by the poor romantic subplots of shounen.

The symbolic romances in shounen are rarely satisfying or meaningful, and they tend not to go anywhere quickly. This makes such subplots an awkward inclusion in most cases, or missing altogether. Modern anime has had some success in blending demographics, such as Kaguya Sama And the love to killSo maybe Shounen should do the same.

1 Shonen Anime generally has formulaic plots

With exceptions like The attack on the Giants And the death note, shonen anime has beautiful equation plots that usually involve saving the world, defeating an archvillain, or just gaining recognition, such as becoming a Hokage, the pirate king or the new symbol of peace. Shonen heroes tend to think along the same lines, and the plot will follow.

All kinds of things might happen along the way, but in the end, most shounen plots have the same skeleton, and this will become embarrassingly obvious to experienced anime fans. Shounen rarely offers bets and goals other than defeating the Evil King and establishing oneself.

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