10 Strongest Shounen Jump Heroes

2022 has already appeared jujutsu kisen 0, Part 2 of The attack on the Giants’The final season, the glimpse back of Hunter X Hunter. It’s been a huge year for Shonen Jump, and its champions have grown exponentially throughout the year.

Shonen Jump champions are known for having one basic common denominator: their ever-evolving strength. When thinking about the most powerful Shonen Jump heroes, it is important to remind them that they only exist within the confines of their universe and how powerful they are in this world with these rules.

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10 John Fricks

Gon grabs a bloody fist in Hunter x Hunter

Gon Freecs is the loving (and often morally controversial) protagonist of the recently returned Hunter X Hunter. Young John is the son of one of the five most powerful humans on the planet: Jane Freecs.

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While Gon is certainly powerful and a prodigy with skills well beyond his years, there are many superior Nen users in the series. Between Hisoka and Gon’s father, there are simply too many powerful humans stronger than Gon (outside of a one-time use contract against Beto).

9 deco

Deku looks nervous in My Hero Academia

My hero academyQuirkless protagonist Midoriya is transformed into the heir to the world’s most powerful elusive man: All For One. One day, he is destined to be the greatest hero in the world.

While Midoriya will likely become the strongest character in the series by its end, he is currently sitting as one of the strongest students in his school. Currently, he is surpassed by his rival Bakugo, several professional heroes and, of course, the main antagonist of the series Shiguraki Tomura. However, Deku at least won the award for the most amazing protagonist.

8 Itadori Yugi

Yugi looking indecisive

the hero of the story Jujutsu KisenThe main series, Itadori Yuji, is the current ship of the King of Curses: Sukuna. Itadori is also blessed with incredible physical abilities.

No one can match Itadori with pure physical strength, and he’s already proven to be on the level with strong little villains like Hanami. However, at this point in the series, he’s no match for the incredibly defeated wizards found in Japan. Especially, it wouldn’t be suitable for him 0 The protagonist is Yuta Okkotsu or his mentor Gojo Satoru.

7 Kamado Tanjiro

Demon Slayer Tanjiro Sun's Breath

demon slayer The protagonist, Kamado Tanjiro, is the maker of both water and sun breathing as well as the only person who fears Muzan, mostly due to his possession of earrings resembling those worn by the legendary demon slayer Yoriichi and their general resemblance.

Now in the anime Tanjiro sits with his friend, Zenitsu, and love interest, Kanao, at a level below most Hashira. He would of course become stronger, but currently, he would be the weakest insect and not strong enough to face the Upper Moon Demon himself. However, a Sun Breath user is a force in his own realm.

6 Monkey D Luffy

Luffy in One Piece Episode 291

The protagonist in one of the longest shows in anime history, pieceOver the course of this series, it has grown tremendously. Luffy’s announcement that he will become the Pirate King has become more realistic over the years.

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While there are still characters much stronger than Luffy like Shanks and Kaido, there is no denying that the extended protagonist has made his mark on the pirate world in over 1,000 episodes in the series. There are a lot of powerful pirates in Luffy’s crew as well, and aside from individual strength, a great crew is a must for any great pirate.

5 son kogo

Goku after first transforming into a Super Saiyan god.

One of the most classic anime series ever. Dragon Ball as a privilege Bigger than many of her fans, protagonist Goku has grown up with her.

Goku isn’t the brightest of Shonen Jump, but he sure is one of the most powerful of Shonen Jump. Capable of destroying planets and battling villains on an absurd galactic scale, Goku will surely defeat any Shonen Jump champion in a one-on-one battle. However, in his own world, there are much greater threats from Goku, such as Whis who can easily defeat Goku at his current level even in the manga.

4 Kurosaki Ichigo

Ichigo uses a sword in Bleach

over a period whitening, The The protagonist, Ichigo, is slowly becoming one of the most powerful characters in the entire series. The red-haired Soul Reaper has some other tricks coming in the New Blood War arc that lasts for a thousand years as well.

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Ichigo was able to reach the absolute peak of his realm power, being able to defeat Aizen with the Hogyoku powers available to him. It took Urahara to finally seal the deal, but that was due to the endless renewal of Hogyoku rather than any gap in Ichigo and Aizen’s power. As it stands, Ichigo is probably inferior to Captain-Commander Yamamoto in the anime in terms of strength when in peak form.

3 Naroto Ozomaki

Naruto in Nine Tails Chakra Mode in Naruto Shippuden

Story of the Naruto It follows titular protagonist Naruto Uzumaki on his path from humble genin to reach his goal of becoming the Hokage by the end of the series.

Naruto is undoubtedly one of the strongest ninja alive in his world by the end of the series. He and rival Sasuke Uchiha stand at the top of all ninjas, and Naruto is arguably the strongest of the two at the time. Boruto come around. While Naruto is undisputedly the most powerful character in his world, he is definitely up there with the best.

2 Eren Yeager

Titan founder Eren Yeager

From being a kid who regretted his weakness, Eren Yeager’s strength had grown to a remarkable level. He now commands the power of the founding giant and seemingly countless legions of formidable titans.

As the heir to the Three of the Nine Titans, Eren is the most powerful person in his world. No one can come close to defeating them by the end The attack on the GiantsThe second part of the final season revealed a new look that makes Eren the greatest titan in history. Overall, it takes 5 players from the Weapon of Nine and several Ackerman Alliance to face Eren.

1 Saitama

Saitama punches a wall in One-Punch Man's key art.

After 100 pushups, 100 pushups, squats, and 10km every day for 3 years, one man punch The protagonist Saitama has become the most powerful person in the world and an incredible hero.

The most powerful character in any universe was born from a gimmick: a character so strong that he could defeat anyone with a single punch. Saitama, despite being the protagonist, is admittedly a joke character who appears and does the bare minimum to defeat an opponent after his allies struggle endlessly. However, he is legally the most powerful character in his world by a wide margin.

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