10 shounen anime that every anime fan should watch at least once

In general, the world of animation can be divided into four main demographic categories – shounen, shoujo, seinen, and josei. Each of them has its own unique traits and popular nicknames, but shonen is arguably the largest and most famous of them all, and has wide appeal among a large variety of viewers.

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Anyone looking to get into the shonen game or simply expand their knowledge of shonen anime is encouraged to search for the must-watch titles and try them all. Perhaps these titles are simply high-quality entertainment that shouldn’t be missed, or it’s the perfect series that shows exactly how shounen works. Mega hits can also be forgotten, and watching them will allow a new Shounen fan to connect with many other fans.

10 Naruto is an essential component of shounen

Almost every fan has heard of this series Naruto, with being a member of the classic “Big Three” of the 2000s shounen. In fact, many other anime series or western TV shows have praised it Naruto One way or another, curious fans will have fun if they start watching it in real life.

Shounen fans should watch shorter series to start with shounen, but they can make an exception Naruto, especially if they cut all the stuffing to cut the runtime in half. New fans will soon see why the rest of the anime fans will love the action-packed story of Naruto Uzumaki and his quest to become Hokage.

9 Bleach like Naruto’s cousin shounen

The successful manga series Tite Kubo whitening He is one of the original Big Three, along with his peers Naruto And the piece. While piece It is simply too bulky to serve as an introductory shonen anime for new fans, fans can try whitening If they cut the filling. They will be left with a much easier and smoother story to enjoy.

whitening It is an action-packed fantasy story starring sword hero Ichigo Kurosaki, whose mission is to kill monstrous spirits named Holos and visit distant spiritual realms to save the day. This story also features a great cast of lovable characters, some light isekai elements and even reverse isekai elements as well.

Every shonen fan or casual anime fan must watch Dr. Stone At least once, and if they like what they see, they can follow the story in the ongoing manga series. This great shounen story embodies classic values ​​like the strength of friendship and the virtues of courage and hope, but that’s not all it has to offer.

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Dr. Stone It is also an entertaining educational series that teaches all kinds of cool science in one package, and also has a somewhat unique setting and premise. The hero, young scientist Senku Ishigami, must use his brilliant mind and reinvent humanity after a mysterious energy wave turned all of humanity to stone in a new stone age.

7 My hero academy is big now

successful anime series My hero academy It’s bigger and better than ever, and any superhero or action fan owes it to themselves to watch it if they haven’t already. Some anime fans might think about it My hero academy Part of a new, unofficial big three, it’s easy to see why.

This is the story of protagonist Izuku Midoriya and his quest to become the new No. 1 professional hero against the rising tide of crime and villains, and the story has it all – high school cheats, Marvel/DC tributes, excellent action sequences, and even some solid drama and humor.

6 No one should miss the Demon Slayer

Everyone in the anime talks about their fans Demon Slayer For good reason. exactly like My hero academyThe series is the stuff of the “Big Three” and has a remarkably broad appeal among countless anime fans. The original manga is a bestseller, and even non-anime fans have heard of it.

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Demon Slayer It features stunning Studio UFOtable animation, brilliant color palette, exciting and charming characters, strong sense of humor, and most of all, fantastic action sequences that pit demon slayers against carnivorous monsters. The Mugen train The film sold very well in both Japanese and Western theaters.

5 Jujutsu Kaisen is the brother of a demon slayer

Jujutsu Kisen It’s about the unofficial big three of modern shounen, and fans are there to have fun. exactly like Demon SlayerThis anime features some great animation, engaging characters, an ingenious combat system, and some unexpected but welcome dramatic weight.

Anyone who wants to be a part of the mainstream shounen conversation should watch it Jujutsu Kisen And similar titles, and they’ll soon be the cause of all the fuss. It also helps that, just Demon SlayerAnd the Jujutsu Kisen Also he has an excellent movie to his name which has sold many tickets.

4 JoJo’s bizarre adventure must be believed

The famous shounen anime JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Everywhere. A lot of shonen fans watched this amazing series and want to talk about it, and Joe Joe It inspired countless internet memes and pop culture references starting with “It was me, duet!” to “eight seconds passed!”

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This anime is a unique experience that must be seen to be believed. It has all the essential ingredients of shonen anime but wows it with truly imaginative fight scenes, weird sense of humor, and some legendary moments that anime fans will always remember.

3 Hunter X Hunter is so cool

The famous series Hunter X Hunter A bit long, but on the plus side, it has relatively little filler content, and isn’t even devoid of fillers Naruto or whitening, also. The downside is that these loopholes are notorious for the series, but that doesn’t diminish the content that has already been released.

Hunter X Hunter He is from the same creator Yo Yo Hakushowhich is a good proportions. Hunter X Hunter It is a colorful and exciting story with an ever-evolving combat system based on Nen, featuring notorious boy killer Killua Zoldyck, notorious villain Meruem, rogue clown Hisoka Morrow, and more.

2 Death Note is dark but intriguing

exactly like Joe JoeAnd the death note This is a shonen anime series that everyone has heard of. Even after all this time, death note It has a serious reputation as a thrilling, mind-bending crime thriller with the greatest battle of wits in anime ever. death note It also challenges its viewers on topics such as justice, crime, and public morals as well.

death note It tells the tale of brilliant high school student Light Yagami, who yearns to create his own kingdom of peace and justice with the deadly power of Death Note. This will attract the attention of the world’s greatest detective, L, who is determined to stop him. And all of them believe that they are the only embodiment of justice.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood It is the perfect shonen anime experience in many ways. First of all, this anime is the perfect length, as 64 episodes is enough time to tell a great story without any long story fillers or arcs exhaustively. It also has a solid, satisfying conclusion, a claim not many other series can make.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood It offers so much more, from a stellar soundtrack to sharp animation, brilliant real-world philosophical themes, creative action scenes, unforgettable characters, and solid humor and drama. If an anime fan has only watched one anime, this one should be.

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