10 of the greatest anime movie posters of all time, ranked

While the rule is not to judge a book by its cover, movie posters are sometimes able to capture the true essence of the movie they are advertising. This is especially true when it comes to posters for animated films.

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While anime movie posters serve as advertisements for the movie, they have the added function of serving as pieces of art, using a variety of artistic techniques to help draw the viewer in, and motivate them to want to see the movie more. In addition, some could also have a deep symbolism hidden within them.

10 Shades of Festival Lights (Spired Away)

Use solid black in the background kidnapped The movie poster helps make the rest of the picture stand out. Black covering the festival grounds in shadows adds a sense of the evil lurking within, while the sporadic use of red and orange highlights the wonders of not only the festival grounds but the new world in which Chihiro finds herself.

Chihiro’s appearance, which is often a solid orange, helps it stand out as the focal point of the poster. Filmed far from the festival lights and shadows, she is afraid to face the darkness that threatens to swallow her up.

9 A world of pop color (summer wars)

Characters on the movie poster for summer wars It looks like they came out of a piece of art by Takashi Murakami. The variety of colors help make this poster stand out and command attention. Additionally, while the colors may seem random at first, the red color draws the viewer’s gaze.

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The avatars of the two main characters act as the focal point, starting with the red in their clothes and slowly flowing upward through the other avatars, all the way to the big red ring and ending in the two floating images near the top corners of the poster.

8 The Possible Future of the Cyberpunk Era

While Motoko’s scene was half naked on ghost in bowl The poster might seem to cause a lot of second glances, it’s the wires coming out of its back and its multiple electronic parts that really grab the viewer’s attention. She also wears sunglasses and holds a pistol as she soars above a futuristic city skyline.

Motoko itself can be seen as an exploration of the relationship between humans and machines, while its location above the city can be seen as a representation of risks or concerns about the growth of technology.

7 Rainbow inside raindrops (weathering with you)

movie poster for weathering with you It is a vibrant scene and works well for capturing the reflective nature of water. Many raindrops can be seen refracting the rainbow. The drops don’t create the kind of blur that would normally take away from the piece but instead blend softly in a way that enhances the beauty of the image.

The light that spreads over the main characters directs the viewer’s gaze from the top corner of the poster to the bottom corner. This allows the viewer to fully enjoy the wonderful scenery and all the details in between.

6 Two lives become one (your name)

Bright multi-point glitter serves as a focal point for viewers and a creative divider for the movie poster of Your Nameshows how the main characters, Taki and Mitsuha, live different lives despite living under the same sky.

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The urban background behind Taki represents his life in the city, while the rural background behind Mitsuha represents her rural life. Little balls of light that begin to split over each character and then form into one line represent how the lives of these two vastly different characters are about to intertwine.

5 Detective All Eyes on the Child (Case Closed: Countdown to Heaven)

The feel of the 80’s action movie is strong in its movie poster Status Closed: Countdown to Heaven. Broken glass shards combined with random cracks help create a neat collage effect. The shards jagged points with Conan’s friends photos point to the center of the poster

They lead the viewer’s eyes to the star of the show, Conan himself, who appears to be about to fly off the poster. Orange is used to direct the eyes from the building fire around Conan upward towards the members of the Black Organization.

4 The Split of Reality and Fiction (Hasna)

The bright white light in the movie poster for belle The viewer’s eyes automatically draw towards the center as Suzu is standing in front of her avatar, Bill. The pink and blue gradient with overlapping pixels pulls in opposite directions, representing a dichotomy between fantasy and reality. White light blurs the line.

The monster looming behind Belle looks like a representation of the looming darkness within the augmented sci-fi world in which Suzu is plunged, but it also causes the poster to darken again towards the top.

3 Follow the Blood Trail (Demon Slayer: Mugen Train)

movie poster for Demon Slayer: Mugen Train Get creative by using the headline logo as a focal point to direct the viewer’s eyes towards the bottom of the poster. The logo’s red spiral meets blood red spots spread out in an almost fan-like shape with its bottom hanging over Tanjiro, spreading over Zenitsu and Hashibira.

The blood stops short at Nezuko who is centered above Tanjiro. Rengoku and Enmu are on either side of it, creating another fan-like spread. This really helps give the poster a layered look.

2 Layered Hourglass (Castle in the Sky)

Studio Ghibli movie poster castle in the sky Use places and people to form an hourglass shape that goes above the center of the poster. Using gradients from light to dark multiple times from bottom to top of the poster gives the background itself a natural feel.

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Yellow begins as a soft glow radiating over the fortress of Tedus, runs through the clothes of the main characters, extends to the ruins of Laputa, and finally ends within the tree’s glow of sunlight.

1 Realistic Trickster (Escaflon)

When you take a quick look at the movie poster of escaplonA fan could easily mistake this for a straight-up action movie poster. Poster art mimics realistic hand-drawn artwork. It does well in capturing the viewer’s eye by projecting a crisp white in the middle behind the main character, Fan, curved roughly spirally toward Hitomi’s portrait in the top corner.

The cloudy, almost mist-like effect helps give an air of mystery to the dark figure of Escaflowne looming in the background. The poster can stand as a beautiful artwork on its own.

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