10 New Hollywood Doubtful Asian Movies Divide Audiences

parasite boss Bong Joon Ho He once said, “Once you get over the one-inch-high subtitle barrier, you’ll be introduced to many other great movies.” What he said is of interest, especially to movie buffs and movie lovers who yearn for different cultural interpretations of the world. However, as usual, Hollywood is asking for a difference.

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For every Hollywood remake, there will always be another silly, redundant remake that spoils what made the original movie so mesmerizing audiences in the first place. First with J-horror in the ’90s, and now with the dramatic rise of the South Korean film industry (or hallyo). Audiences will have to keep their fingers crossed that future Hollywood remakes and adaptations will not be like the films listed here.

“Oldboy” (2003) vs. “Oldboy” (2013)

Hollywood Remakes Park Chan Wooks Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance (2002) and sympathy with Vengeance lady (2005) is still in production although it was announced in early 2010. Hollywood executives probably feared like their predecessors Spike Lee Noir Park Brave Reinterpretation – big boy.

The original is one of the best action thrillers of the 21st century, brilliantly introducing many unexpected twists and containing one of the most beautifully designed fight scenes. Lee is simply dropping out without promising anything new to differentiate himself from his impressive source, let alone how to do it big boy It is one of Lee’s biggest box office films in his long-running successful career.

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“Dark Water” (2002) vs. “Dark Water” (2005)

Created by masterpiece J-Horror Ringo (1998) Director Hideo NakataAnd dark water Tells the story of a divorced motherHitomi Kuroki(She moves with her daughter into a cheap, dilapidated apartment)rio kano). After an active water leak is discovered on the ceiling, a series of mysterious supernatural events begin to haunt the couple.

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The film relies heavily on its scary and ghostly atmosphere not only to express their fears but also to resonate with audiences with its heartbreaking tale of motherhood and sacrifices. Walter Sales“The 2005 re-imagining comes satisfactorily with airy horror but pales in comparison to the 2002 version with no major concerns.

“Ghost In The Shell” (1995) vs. “Ghost In the Shell” (2017)

One of the best and most famous anime films that influenced films such as the matrix (1999) and symbol picture (2009), Mamoru Oshi The 1995 adult animated film is packed with neo-noir and cyberpunk elements and explores themes such as human identity and memory alteration as well as the nature of robots.

Robert Sander The 2017 live-action adaptation faced backlash primarily due to the film’s accusations of whitewashing the beloved original cast, especially Scarlett Johansson, Who plays Major Motoko Kusanagi. ghost in bowl It offers viewers stunning cinematography and breathtaking sequences. Lack of character development and originality did not save the new version from getting a lukewarm response.

“My Sassy Girl” (2001) vs. “My Sassy Girl” (2008)

Despite the sequel, TV adaptations, and countless international versions, the original my loverDirected by Kwak Jae YoungIt remains a fan-favorite romantic comedy. Based on a true story told in a series of blog posts, the 2001 rom-com has been praised and enjoyed around the world for its original take on the metaphor of a “docile” Asian friend, resulting in a idyllic fantasy filled with laughter, tears, and eerie punches.

Without introducing anything new to the public with “Shameless Girl”, the 2008 American version directed by Yan Samuel Translates to tacky rom-com with faded characters with forced performances due to a change in cultural environment.

“Shall We Dance” (1996) vs. “Shall We Dance” (2004)

Masayuki Su The 1996 film about breaking out of one’s comfort zone and reviving one’s passion for life is adored by filmmakers and critics alike. The film follows an unhappy Japanese business accountant (Kōji Yakusho) who begins taking private dance lessons without the knowledge of his co-workers and family.

Another edition overshadowed by a wonderful previous, shall we dance, It collects the names of Hollywood celebrities like Richard GereAnd Jennifer LopezAnd Susan Sarandon But it loses the allure of the original, which each carries a cast with its own distinct and entertaining characters.

Pulse (2001) vs. Pulse (2006)

Come continue on the J-Horror train Kiyoshi Kurosawa to throb, a sinister tech horror movie about frightening spirits invading people’s lives online. like nakata Dark water, pulse It thrives on having a frightening atmosphere interspersed with frightening images that feed on the terror of loneliness that exists in every living creature.

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While Kurosawa to throb Scare the audience with mysterious images and disturbing atmosphere, 2006 edition by Jim Sonzero He shrugs off the essence of his predecessor and hurriedly approaches the vulgar horror cliché the audience detested.

“Death Note” (2006) vs. “Death Note” (2017)

Shusuke Kaneko death note It is without a doubt one of the most unique and faithful live animation mods ever: it doesn’t deserve most mods. Without the 126 minutes of runtime complimenting them, audiences will enjoy every minute of the movie with its suspenseful plot and respected characters since its debut. Mango.

Hollywood seems unhappy with the original main character, Light Yagami, who is arguably one of the most morally complex and interesting characters Japan has ever offered. In a flimsy reinterpretation of Netflix, Light Yagami turns into a Light Turner (Nat Wolf). This angry teen is more invested in starting a romantic relationship with another angry teen who is worse than him. In addition to the one-dimensional characters and confusing story, the only movie quality is payback Willem Dafoe Like ShinigamiRyuk.

“Gojira” (1954) vs. “Godzilla” (1998)

While Hollywood has the “eighth wonder of the world” – King Kong, Japan has – Godzilla or Gojira, “The King of Monsters”. What makes the 1954 Ishirō Honda monster movie a classic doesn’t just stem from possessing one of cinema’s most terrifying and unique monsters; Her hidden message about the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II provides a bleak commentary on postwar Japan and the fears.

Roland Emmerich The 1998 version performed poorly with critics and fans as it steers clear of source material, specifically with the reinvention of Godzilla, which is reminiscent of the T-Rex from Jurassic Park (1993). The monotonous characters and unreasonable narration exacerbate fans’ hatred of one of the worst entries in Godzilla movie franchise.

“The Eye” (2002) vs. “The Eye” (2008)

Hong Kong and Singapore co-production EyeDirected by bang brothersnotes a 20-year-old violinist (Angelica Lee) who underwent a corneal transplant in the eye that has been making her see again since she was five years old. After the successful transplant, strange ghostly figures began to appear, which somehow foreshadowed the death of the spine-chilling.

Hollywood’s attempt to review another Asian horror film has become futile as a remake of the same name (directed by David Morrow And Xavier Balood) stumbles with wooden performance mainly from Jessica Alba And not to be afraid of poor implementation.

‘Bangkok Dangerous’ (1999) vs. ‘Bangkok Dangerous’ (2008)

In a Thai action movie Dangerous Bangkoka deaf and dumb killer, Kong (Pawalit Mongkolpisit), is a ruthless killing machine and works with gangsters in Bangkok. Kong eventually falls in love and realizes that his life can be more than bloodshed and triple turmoil.

The 2008 version was directed again by the directors of the original film, Pang Brothers, and Nicolas Cage A production company bought its rights. As audiences are aware of Cage’s superior delivery of his lines, the original main character’s handicaps are removed, making the remake a typical Hollywood action movie set in a foreign country.

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