10 manga to read after the power of fire, ranked

World firepower It is a nightmare. People could explode in flames without warning and turn into hell. A special fire power was tasked with exorcising evil spirits and protecting them from becoming prey to a flame.

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Written by Atsushi Okubo, this shounen title became a smash hit upon its 2016 release. The story follows Shinra Kusakabe after she joins Secret 8 to protect the world from deadly hell. This action packed series is full of interesting lore and lovable characters that will touch the audience’s memory. Since the manga ended recently, fans have been searching for other exciting series to fill the void.

10 Chainsaw man has a similar hypothesis

Like firepowerAnd chainsaw man It tells the story of an organization responsible for dealing with evil supernatural entities. In this case, it’s demons. Demons spawn from Hell, but they only emerge from something that is negatively considered in the public consciousness.

chainsaw man He follows Denji after he becomes one with a demon named Pochita. After that, he gains the ability to generate saws from his body. He decided to join the public safety demon hunters to protect the innocent from the true terror of these monsters.

9 Attack On Titan is a few shades darker than Fire Force

The attack on the Giants It is one of the most popular shounen series of all time. However, this series is much darker than others in this genre. even in firepower It looks fun compared to The attack on the Giants.

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The story follows Eren Yeager, who joins the Survey Corps in hopes of eliminating the man-eating Titans that destroyed his life. Eren and Shinra are very similar protagonists – at least at the beginning of their story. They experienced loss due to the threats that plagued their worlds and felt called to join an organization to avenge their loved ones.

8 The Rise of The Shield Hero is the Isekai Dark Series

The Rising Of The Shield Hero, like many of its predecessors, is an isekai series that began as a light novel. Then it turned into a manga. He finally received an anime adaptation in 2019. Its premise is different from firepowerBut there are several elements that fans of the series will love.

hero shield It follows Naofumi Iwatani, a loner who has suddenly been transported into a mystical realm. No longer alone, Naofumi is now tasked with saving Melromarc from morally mysterious monsters and heroes.

7 Tokyo Ghoul is perfect for Fire Force fans who want more courage and horror

Tokyo Ghoul It is an essential reading material for any manga enthusiast. The Seinen series will break readers’ minds as they immerse themselves in the harsh realities Kaneki faces every day. After becoming half human and half ghoul, Kaneki realized that he had no place in the world.

Most Tokyo Ghoul Fans agree that the anime’s citation pales in comparison to the manga. The series, written and illustrated by Sui Ishida, is an absolute masterpiece. It’s perfect for firepower Fans looking for something more brave and mature.

6 Soul Eater was written by Atsushi Okubo

before firepowerIt was Atsushi Okubo’s first masterpiece soul eater. With an interesting premise and detailed character designs, the series quickly became a hit. Characters such as Death The Kid and Maka Albarn became staples of the series.

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soul eater She was also revolutionary because Maka was a strong heroine. Members firepower Head will fall over heels for soul eater Thrilling fight scenes and you will easily become immersed in its world of Shinigami and Grim Reapers.

5 Demon Slayer introduces another monster hunting organization

Demon Slayer It is an excellent choice for fans who appreciate the monster hunting aspect firepower. The story follows Tanjiro Kamado after a demon kills his family, and his sister Nezuko is transformed into one. Hoping to avenge his family and turn Nezuko back to a human, Tanjiro joins the Demon Slayer Corps.

He endlessly trains to become a professional swordsman, and encounters plenty of powerful demons along the way. The manga ended in 2021, and the anime is on its way to launch its third season. Now would be the perfect time for fans to enter the series.

4 My Hero Academia is a modern classic shounen game

Written by Kohei Horikoshi, My hero academy It quickly became a smash hit after its release in 2014. The story revolves around Izuku Midoriya, an eccentric boy who dreams of becoming a hero. Despite the ridicule of everyone around him, he never gave up. After receiving a quibble from his idol, All Might, Izuku attends UA High School to turn his dream into a reality.

The series is a classic shounen talk, and firepower Fans are sure to have fun My hero academy. Although their workplaces vary greatly, fans of the former are sure to appreciate the lovable characters and exciting battles in the latter.

3 The world of Fairy Tail is very similar to the world of Fire Force

fairy tale story Fiery, explosive, and full of action – just like firepower. This series follows Lucy Heartfilia on her journey to join the Fairy Tail Guild. Along the way, she meets Natsu Dragneel. From there, Lucy finds herself immersed in a world of intense combat and magic beyond belief.

Like firepowerAnd fairy tale story Full of lovable characters with distinct and unique personalities. For example, Erza Scarlet is a badass fighter who has made her way out of the bottom, while Natsu lives for the thrill of fighting and travels with his companion Happy.

2 Jujutsu Kaisen will leave a lasting impression on readers

Jujutsu Kisen It is one of the best modern shounen titles, and firepower Fans are sure to love it. is similar to firepowerAnd Jujutsu Kisen It features a lovable main cast who work together to battle supernatural entities. In this case, they are fighting cursed spirits. For every lovable jujutsu magician, there is an equally hated cursed soul who deserves to be defeated.

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The series is darker than firepower, but is sure to make a lasting impression on its readers. Unlike other dark fantasy titles, Jujutsu Kisen He always maintains a sense of humor. In addition to that, it has some unique battles that shonen manga is currently offering.

1 The Blue Exorcist tells the story of the son of Satan

blue exorcist The protagonist, Rin Okumura, has a lot in common with Shinra Kusakabe in more ways than one. Aside from the obvious similarities in personality, they both have similar motives for joining their monster hunting organizations.

Blue Exorcist follows Rin Okumura, a boy who always feels different from those around him but can never figure out why. In the first two chapters of the manga, Rin is having a day full of bad joy. The unfortunate events kept piling up one after the other, and then things got worse when Rin found out that he was the son of a demon. However, this revelation becomes his motivation to prove everyone wrong and becomes a powerful exorcist.

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