10 JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Characters That Would Make Great Demon Slayers

Hirohiko Araki JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure It grew from a strange infatuation to a prevalent obsession. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure It is still going strong after 35 years and is able to hold its own effectively while also influencing other major modern shounen series such as Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.

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One of the most rewarding elements of being a Joe Joe The fan is that there are dozens of unique characters with eclectic abilities to follow the battle. Tanjiro and the rest of the deadly insect in Demon SlayerEngaging in a completely different fighting style, but there are still a lot of Joe Joe Characters who will thrive in a world full of monsters.

10 Guido Mista is trained to battle and shine with a weapon

Every new installment of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure It features an interesting cast of characters and Stand users, but Golden Wind He does a particularly strong job with members of the Bucciarati team. Guido Mista is a masterful fighter and an exceptional shot, which is only amplified by his sex pistol holder.

Mista occasionally turns into a penalty kick, but his ability on the battlefield is not in doubt. He is a brilliant strategist during critical moments of tension. All of these are useful attributes for any demon slayer.

9 Jotaro Kujo has the heart of a hero and embraces his powers

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure It allocates wealth correctly when it comes to focusing on the different generations of the Joestar family. However, it sometimes seems as if Jotaro Kujo has become the “Main JoJo” due to his long presence in the series and his involvement in defeating Dio.

Jotaro is fearless in battle and helps lead the entire Stardust Crusader team across Egypt with a discipline similar to any Hashira. Jotaro is not a bit bullshit, but he is still at a young age where he can learn and grow. There is no doubt that he will grow in it Demon Slayer.

8 Giorno Giovanna erases corruption and does not flee from insurmountable threats

Only Giorno Giovanna appears all over Golden Wind. It’s kind of an anomaly for JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Since he is a descendant of Dio and feels like a supporting character in his own series for most of the first half. Golden Wind It ends on a strong and brave note when it comes to Giorno and its newly improved carrier, the Golden Requiem Experience.

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Giorno’s character details may be lacking at times, but his desire to reform the corrupt city and push the Passione gang down a more altruistic path is evident. Giorno’s strong convictions and quest to eradicate evil parallel the ideals of a demon slayer.

7 Kakyoin Noriaki fights for his family and goes out for his cause

group of heroes from stardust crusaders They all leave their mark and deserve endless praise for having had the courage to storm Dio Castle and face this sinister menace. Many honorable Stand users die before this goal is achieved and Kakyoin Noriaki is one such tragic loss.

Kakyoin comes out on top and is the epitome of strength and dedication during the Stardust Crusaders’ journey through Egypt. Kakyoin is not afraid to leave the house for an important reason. He fights to help mend his divided family, which is not unlike Tanjiro’s motives Demon Slayer.

6 Joseph Joestar’s younger years fueled by arrogant courage

Part of the attraction JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is that each new storyline mixes things up with a new central member of the Joestar family. Joseph Joestar is presented in battle direction, But it is a rare case of Jojo being allowed to grow old and move on to later chapters.

Older Joseph is still an incredibly capable character, but it’s Joseph’s loud and young character battle direction Who would be the perfect demon slayer. Joseph is infinitely conceited and believes that he is capable of anything, which is a dangerous and effective motive for any hashrate.

5 Rohan Keshep constantly overcomes the obstacles that try to eliminate him

Rohan Keshep is a decorative artist residing in Moreoh, but that’s how it is Diamond is unbreakable The supporting character has become one of the most popular characters in Joe Joe. Rohan has become the subject of his own spin-off OVA series where he faces off against some totally weird Stand users.

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Rohan’s passion lies in telling stories and engaging his audience, but he is qualified to fight back when necessary. Rohan ends up in so many unexpected stand-up battles that it makes sense that he also excels with the sword and takes on the Elastic Demons.

4 Hole Horse epitomizes the wandering warrior

There is an endless array of villains emerging from the shadows JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Horse Hole from stardust crusaders It’s a strange case since Hirohiko Araki initially intended him to split from Stardust Crusaders. Even now, there is still a fascination with the Hol Horse’s intricacy. He is one of the central characters in an ongoing episodic manga. Crazy Diamond’s devilish heartbreak.

The Hol Horse is technically evil, but he has a strong moral code that pushes everything he does forward. A cowboy is very different from a samurai on a surface level, but there is also a lot of crossover between these two outlaws.

3 Gyro Zeppeli is a brilliant guide with a penchant for adventure

The last chapters of Joe Joe Strange adventure: stone ocean Boldly resetting the universe and creating a seemingly new timeline that won’t be fully explored until the next story, Run the steel ball. steel ball run It is a drastic change in pace due to multiple reasons; It distorts the chain-action structure of a cross-country horse race.

Johnny Joestar rises as the next JoJo, but it is Jero Zibley who directs Johnny and is the most accomplished Stand user. The gyroscope often feels like it’s driving steel ball run It is the most active of the two characters. Jiro’s ability to train a beginner and keep improving his wandering warrior abilities is pure insect energy.

2 Bruno Buchiarati turns his team from outcasts into heroes and puts the task above himself

Golden Wind It is a particularly satisfying part of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. There is a strong argument to be made that every member of the Bucciarati team will be a demon slayer killer. These fighters are the embodiment of a wandering samurai, carrying out noble goals and wiping out malevolent beasts.

Bruno Bucciarati is the honorable leader of these ex-criminals and does not hesitate to put his life on the line if it means completing their mission. Bruno puts absolutely everything into his work. The best demon slayers are those who selflessly stick to their trade.

1 Jolyne Cujoh’s rebellious ways include the actions of a deadly demon slayer

jolinie kojoh, Joe Joe First champion and driver Stone Ocean It recently jumped in popularity. Jolyne is one of the strongest characters in the entire series. She is undoubtedly her father’s daughter – as much as she hates to admit it at first.

Jolyne is young, impulsive and not afraid to break the rules, but her limitless energy is exactly what drives Hashira forward Demon Slayer. Jolyne also has such a compulsion to rebel and go against Jotaro’s wishes, so it’s not hard to imagine her becoming a demonic killer simply for the act of teen anxiety.

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