10 Harsh Truths of Being a Fan of My Hero Academia

My hero academy It is one of those series that is easy to fall in love with. It has a lot of great characters and an exciting story with a lot of depth. It’s incredibly easy to enjoy the series on a surface level, but it’s also fun for fans to analyze the deeper elements, such as character stimulation and world building.

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However, no matter the fan base, there will always be a downside. Not every fan enjoys My hero academy same way. Some may be able to accept the downsides of being a part of this fan while others find themselves incredibly frustrated with the harsh realities that come with loving this show.

10 New chapters take time

Manga artists are working full on getting a chapter each week, but sometimes it can be hard to wait after a good chapter or cliffhanger. Fans understand that it’s impossible to have seasons come out sooner, especially since the week is already such a quick turnaround.

However, that won’t stop fans from grumbling about how long they have to wait for the story to continue. More fans should understand the work that manga artists have put into their stories and be more patient while waiting for new content.

9 Anime lovers will only be spoiled

Not everyone enjoys reading manga, which is understandable. Sitting down to watch an anime episode requires much less effort and can often be cheaper than buying all the manga volumes to read it. Not to mention, the anime has voice acting, animation, and music to elevate the story.

Unfortunately, this means that anime fans lag far behind manga readers when it comes to plot. Any new growth, transformations, or discoveries tend to appear to the public long before the anime has had time to adapt, something that only anime fans will have to accept.

8 It can be hard to find the merchandise lovers want

popular anime like My hero academy She must have tons of merchandise. Whether it’s official or illegal, fans have plenty of things to choose from when they want to represent their love for the series. However, not every character is created equal. Characters like Midoriya, All Might, and Bakugo have a lot of goods while lesser known characters like Sato, Shoji, and Ojiro have a lot fewer.

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For fans who love lesser known characters, it can be very frustrating when they can’t find any collectibles for their favorite characters. Fortunately, it is now easier than ever for someone to make their own fan-made items, which is something many fans have turned to.

7 Global build could use some work

while a world My hero academy It’s so incredibly fun and unique that fans are beginning to notice that there are a few aspects of the story that just don’t make sense. For example, Uraraka’s entire motive for becoming a heroine is to help her family’s business.

However, it seems a bit silly that a hero’s license is required for someone to use their Quirk for construction work. Horikoshi does a good job of bringing issues with the hero community but some of the finer details don’t add up when examined closely.

6 There are tons of cargo wars

Every fan base has its issues, but many anime fans see it My hero academy As one of the worst fanbases. The main reason for My hero academy This fan base has a bad reputation because of the shipping and the wars that come with it.

With all the characters this series has, it only makes sense that fans would stick to different relationships. However, some fans can be very frank about which ships they think should be canon and this often causes a lot of infighting. Although it is not impossible to enjoy the series without getting into the mass drama, it can be annoying for fans to watch.

5 The manga will end soon

Fans who thought the series would run for several more years were shocked to learn that creator Horikoshi intends to finish it by 2022. A lot can happen to the story in a year and there’s always a chance that the ending will stretch, but the truth is that the series is ending.

The ending of the series will never be fun for the superhero fans who want to continue enjoying the story. It’s easy to go back through the old seasons over and over again but what fans really want is new material. It’s not clear if this series will have a sequel, so all fans can do is hope the end doesn’t come too soon.

4 A new season takes time

While waiting for a new chapter every week is bad enough, it’s even worse for anime fans who just have to wait for a new season to come. The animation industry tends to be much faster than it used to be and due to its popularity, a new season is basically guaranteed My hero academy.

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However, there is still at least a year of waiting for everyone. Most fans who can’t wait usually consume fan-made materials or rewatch old episodes to get them My hero academy The fix, but still a tough wait when the new season release date is unclear.

3 My Wicked Academy has not been well received in Japan

For fans who were looking for something different from the series, the My Villain Academia arc was a breath of fresh air. It gave a different look to the story and allowed fans to see characters who would normally not be in the spotlight.

Unfortunately, Arc has not been received as well in Japan as it was internationally. Apparently, some fans did not appreciate the new approach to the story and since the manga creators have to cater to Japan rather than their international audience, it is unlikely that an arc like the villain arc will happen again.

2 The guards are already finished

When fans love a series, they tend to consume every ounce of media they go with. Members My hero academy Lucky enough to get many side stories, including My hero crush academyAnd the School summariesAnd the guards.

But for the fans who were having fun guardsThe manga is already over. There is always the possibility that it will be adapted into an anime, but given the fact that the original series is still airing, this is highly unlikely.

1 The girl’s characters are not developed enough

Some of the best parts My hero academy are her characters. Each character has its own personality and development. However, some of them are much less developed than others – especially girls. Characters like Nejire from the Big Three have very little personal development compared to their male counterparts.

While characters like Uraraka have some backstory, they still don’t do as much as boys. For the fans who like the girls in this story, this is very frustrating My hero academyThe female cast does not deserve the highlights.

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