10 Harsh Facts To Rewatch Death Note

Written and illustrated by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata, death note It is one of the most popular anime of the 2000s, and it constantly keeps fans coming back for more. death note It follows Light Yagami, a superior who is bored with his monotonous and difficult life, and Ryuk, a bored shinigami in search of some fun and mischief. death note It is a classic thriller anime.

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Despite the unsuccessful live-action series and movies, death note It’s still on fan must-see lists. But, death note It is not without its flaws. Despite its related themes (such as morality issues), rewatching this anime comes with a lot of hard facts.

10 The audience knows what to expect

Most mystery animated series lose their essence upon re-watching because viewers know what’s coming next. despite of death note Creating the perfect ambiance to evoke mystery for viewers and newcomers, the weight of Light Yagami’s choices is not an easy thing to disavow.

Knowing the death of some of the main characters and the outcome of each character’s major and minor actions makes it such a predictable experience. The story fades as it progresses upon re-watching.

9 Irrelevant symbolism adds nothing to the story

Ryuk, a Shinigami who is bored with his monotonous existence, drops his Death Note into the human world to wreak havoc and have some fun. He directs light through the purpose and use of this laptop and attempts to manipulate it for personal entertainment.

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Ryuk is often seen enjoying red apples. This is a direct reference to the Christian stories of Eve eating the forbidden fruit of knowledge from the Garden of Eden. This symbolism, however, has no significance in the plot death note Till the end.

8 Animation is not aging well

The Sands of Time is often harsh on most things, and animation is one of them. While some animations in the series remain flawless, like the tennis match between Light and L, most of them death note He lacks dynamic character interaction and intense focus.

With the advent of modern animation technologies such as flash and digital animation, death note It fails to live up to the scene that modern anime loves Demon Slayer And Jujutsu Kisen Create.

7 Tone and velocity issues are more prominent

While some anime have better filler arcs than the main story, some short anime like death note You have such an inconsistent pace that it can quickly turn into a frustrating experience. This anime’s latest arc is one of the most hated arcs in anime, according to multiple online forums and communities.

death note It explores memory, control, murder, morality, morality, harm, and other concepts in a completely random way. This results in an inconsistent pace and unsteady tone that makes fans quit the thriller.

6 Light Yagami is a poorly written character

Light Yagami is the protagonist and the main villain death note. Extremely arrogant and two-faced, Light is a selfish high school student looking for some excitement. Upon crossing the Death Note and meeting with Ryuk, the light quickly develops a divine knot. This drives the escalating events of the series.

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Despite the rarity of feeling emotions and lacking any passion, Light is considered by some to be one of the best villains or heroes out there. However, all he does is write the names in a notebook and try not to get caught. For this reason, many fans do not think his characterization is very strong.

5 Music is far from the experience

Unlike the more popular content in fiction that can be identified by their music (such as Darth Vader from star Wars franchise), music in death note He strays from the atmosphere created by cinematography and story.

While L’s theme has garnered positive responses from audiences and critics alike, the rest of the music tracks do not complement or add to the series in any way. It doesn’t make any impact and is easily forgotten, something fans are reminded of when re-watching.

4 Missed Opportunities with Death Note

Death Note is an excellent plot tool and is the subject of a number of missed opportunities. Passionate fans have come up with some excellent theories on how to use the Death Note to its full potential. death note He tries to build on the basic premise with concepts like Shinigami’s eyes, but fails to explore Death Note in more depth.

There is no blood in the death note It also adds to this because anything within the confines of physics would have been possible if the cause of death had been written within 40 seconds of typing someone’s name. Light’s lack of creativity was evident throughout the series.

3 Anti-women fan service is one of the biggest hard facts

death note It is an anime that will not pass the Bechdel test. Misa Amani was presented as a plot device and was a blatant crowd service. Misa is a fan of Kira, Light’s killer ego, and she loves him very much, willing to do whatever it takes to satisfy him.

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Misa plays a role in the “dumb blonde” stereotype as her description resembles a capricious young woman who is a bit out of the air. The light just calls her to “use it” whenever he wants, and Misa is always under his supervision and invitation.

2 Death Note does not work for the anime

While there may be some conflicting opinions regarding live action death note The series, however, did not do well for most anime fans. For fans who stumble upon and watch the live action series, comparing the two is a normal thing to do even if it only leads to disappointment.

Certain dynamics and some modifications of the plot do not correspond to death note fans. This is especially true for manga fans, who have had issues with the anime as well.

1 Death Note sends an unconventional message to its viewers

from direction death notes The message is that if someone finds a powerful killing device that requires minimal effort, they should walk away from it rather than do something about it. but on the other hand, death note It also glorifies mass murder under the guise of morality and ethics.

The debate over whether Kira is a guard hero or a villain is very real when death note considered in its entirety. Mixed messages and signals are always a red flag and it is best to avoid them.

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