10 Dragon Ball Super Battles That Were Better In Anime

While manga readers and anime watchers often debate about which medium creates a more engaging experience, sometimes the scene is undeniably and memorably brought to life by the movement created through the video animation. The Dragon Ball The franchise is full of such moments. Especially, Dragon Ball Super Fight scenes benefit greatly from translating into the visual medium, as the flexibility of video animation and the ability to create stunning sequences add a new layer to the viewing experience.

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Given the types of scenes that benefit most from animation, few series gain more from anime adaptation than those that focus on combat as much. Dragon Ball Super. Despite the manga’s consistency, many battles across the anime series have achieved much greater heights than their script counterparts thanks to Toei Animation’s strong production and Akira Toriyama’s great character designs.

10 Animations of Goku and Beerus fighting suits that of God

Goku’s battle against Beerus, God of Destruction, wasn’t just fans’ first look at the new Saiyan power – it was their first look at the new canon Dragon Ball material in more than a decade. Featuring astonishingly fast attacks, gorgeous radial struggles, and a power expansion that literally threatens the integrity of the entire universe, this spectacle delivers everything viewers have hoped for Dragon Ball return.

while the Dragon Ball Super The manga in this scene are beautiful and pure pieces of art, Toei Animation took advantage of its opportunity and brought it to life in a way that makes Super Saiyan God tangible for new viewers and old fans alike.

9 Vegeta’s voice acting embodies his fatherly role to Cabba

the majority Dragon Ball Battles prioritize power-ups, intensity, and tenacity in their presentation, and while none of these things were found in a Cabba vs Vegeta match during the Universe 6 saga, there are some undeniable nuances that are absent from the other fights.

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Vegeta’s growth led him to take the younger Saiyan under his wing in the contest, defeating the boy only after teaching him some valuable lessons. success Dragon Ball Super The role of the anime in this scene came due to Christopher Sabbat, the voice actor for Vegeta; His legendary talent and underappreciated ensemble really shine through during his conversation with Cabba.

8 Strike time techniques look more impressive in motion

Dragon Ball The metaphor of teleportation has always been used in its combat, but the Hit vs. Goku match in the Universe 6 saga was the franchise’s first attempt to bring time manipulation into the mix. An assassin from Universe 6, Hit frequently uses his time skip ability to jump on Earth’s greatest protector.

Given the Hit’s tendency to stick to hand-to-hand combat, this fight was an excellent opportunity for Toei Animation to deviate from the norm and unleash some of the tight, fast-paced sequences featuring Hit and Goku.

7 God of Destruction battle animated dangerously chaotic

Dragon Ball Viewers are rarely shown characters who clearly surpass Son Goku’s strength; It’s rare to see a full fight full of them. This battle takes place early in the POWER Arc Tournament, and features the God of Destruction for each universe, all launching frequent attacks that showcase their novelty. Dragon Ball Super animation.

After introducing many new characters and fully demonstrating the power of the gods, this Dragon Ball Super The scenery and his ability to capture the chaotic battle make it even funnier than the manga version.

6 The anime gives Z fighters a team fight against universe 9

The scrap of Z fighters vs contestants in Universe 9 is a good example of some of the stark differences that exist between Dragon Ball Super Anime and manga. In the anime, all the fighters of Universe 9 are defeated by characters from the world of Z fighters, Universe 7, while in the manga these characters were worn by Frost of Universe 6.

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seldom does Dragon Ball Giving Z fighters such a quality fight against a group of the same size, this alone elevates the success of the anime adaptation Dragon Ball Super.

5 Anime makes Vegeta vs. Goku feel fresh again

A lot of fan fiction has fancied Goku’s villainy over the years, but until the introduction of Goku Black, the concept was absent because Captain Ginyu was still relevant. This arc severely subverted audience expectations, bringing back the beloved hero, Trunks; However, the arc did not begin to ascend until Goku and Vegeta crashed the party.

Goke Rose, the most powerful form of Goku Black, has a beautiful aura and a brilliant color scheme not yet applied to Saiyan. Iconic voice actor Sean Schemmel combines it all with a completely sinister presentation of Son Goku that wasn’t fun in the manga.

4 Goku and Green push the limits of strength and animation

While Dragon Ball It may seem destined to go on forever, Goku’s fight against Jiren will always remain one of the best sequels in the entire series thanks to the work done by Toei Animation. Goku’s super instinct is as beautiful as anything in the anime, and his new silver lining provides a breath of fresh air for viewers tired of Saiyan’s new forms.

The Dragon Ball The franchise is full of very hype moments, but this fight will probably be the only one in it excellent Compares to original series heights. Equipped with a power that rivals that of the gods, Goku and Jiren have put on a show through the ages.

3 Kale & Caulifa’s femininity shines brighter than a manga

Anime has as many Saiyans as possible Dragon BallIt’s such a shame that viewers have to wait for Kale and Caulifa to appear at the Power Arc Championship to see a female avatar. While watching these two women gain the legendary golden locks was amusing, their inclusion is made even better when placed in a smoothly moving Saiyan-on-Saiyan fight against the genre’s number one contender: Son Goku.

On top of the above appeals, this fight technically features the show’s first canonical inclusion of Legendary Super Saiyan, Kale, the Universe 6 equivalent of Broly.

2 Get more time Vegeta and Tobu to prove why they deserve to be the second best

Toppo is the Z fighters’ introduction to their biggest competition in the Tournament of Power, Universe 11, which gives his penultimate fight against Vegeta some serious weight later in the arc. While he was already a mortal threat to Goku and Vegeta in Super Saiyan Blue forms, Toppo is able to achieve God of Destruction status when fighting Vegeta later in the arc, resulting in one of the most high-octane sequences in the entire collection. Dragon Ball Franchise business.

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In the Dragon Ball Super The manga, Toppo never achieved God of Destruction status; Fortunately, the anime gives his battle against Vegeta a bit more spotlight and allows the opponent of the two universes to shine for the amount of time they deserve.

1 The anime captures the despair of full and absolute trunks

trunks back to Dragon Ball The canon was a welcome sight, but Goku Black only gave him another reason to come back Dragon Ball Super basic schedule. The two trade the dialogue as Goku Black wipes the floor with his Saiyan sword-wielding, eventually softening just enough for Trunks to escape to the ungodly Goku and friends.

Seeing a familiar character like Trunks being brutalized by an evil version of Dragon balls The protagonist was tough enough to read in the manga, but he heard his extreme suffering in Dragon Ball Super Anime was a completely different kind of experience.

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