10 Best Anime Femme Fatales, ranked

All too often, the female characters are portrayed as innocent girls in distress who await their knight in shining armor. Sometimes, the female characters are some of the strongest in the series. Notable examples include Elizabeth of the seven deadly sins, Asuna from Mahou Sensei Negima!, Casca from Rambunctiousand much more.

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The entertainment industry, including animation, has recently sought to shift the image of women in a more positive direction. Female characters are now portrayed as strong, independent and powerful women. There are a lot of disguised female killers in the anime, but some stand out as the best.

10 Mireille’s bouquet doesn’t care about her beauty (noir)

Unlike many female killers, MiRae doesn’t rely on her beauty to be the best killer in her Noir. She relies on her brains and strength for her tasks. Mirai remains impartial and professional no matter the target, never swayed by emotion or emotion because of her blows.

For Mirai, killing people is simply another area of ​​business. It may not be an honest job, but it is work. She is a ruthless killer and has a soft spot for those close to her. Although she is interested in the people around her, she will not hesitate to betray them if necessary.

9 Faye Valentine Leverages Her Femininity (Cowboy Bebop)

Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop Feminine and independent. The bounty hunter uses her amazing looks and irresistible charm to get what she wants. I always managed to get the job done, especially when it came to money.

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Faye Valentine is more of a badass frontend for her. She may prioritize money before anything else, but that doesn’t make her heartless. There are times when her weakness really stands out Cowboy Bebop. She’s an embodied heroine – something that’s always appreciated.

8 Irina Jelavic is a child at heart, but a fearsome killer nonetheless (Assassination chapter)

Irina is a ruthless and computer assassin hired to kill Crocense Assassination of the seasons. The catch is that the profession comes with teaching a class full of English language remedial students. Her challenging skills are impressive, she uses her physical attributes to lure targets into her trap and then successfully ends her life at the end of each mission.

On the other hand, her soft skills could use quite a bit of work. In fact, it is often mocked by Class 3-E for being as childish as it is. This aspect of her character is a breath of fresh air in the killer anime community.

7 Brutal, Malicious, and Elegant Kurumi Earnings (Live Date)

At first, Karami seems to be the perfect “girl next door.” She is elegant, well-groomed, has flawless skin and even her hair is tied up at all times. At first, Shido was completely smitten with Krumi. He had an unbreakable determination to save lives. However, meeting Karami weakened his unyielding determination to save her kind.

Kurumi’s true nature is nothing but gentle. She’s brutal, malicious, and truly the most dangerous spirit that has ever lived. Karami single-handedly killed 10,000 people, only 100 of whom were space earthquake victims. She is feisty and kills like there is no tomorrow.

6 Nobara Kugisaki Says It Like It (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Nupara does not fit the stereotype of a femme fatale. She does not rely on her appearance to kill the cursed spirits. She is a skilled Jujutsu witch who is confident in her skills as a fighter and has firm convictions about what she believes in.

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Her character often comes across as arrogant due to the impulsiveness in her voice. In fact, it stands ground to the ground in a patriarchal society. When an old man belittles women by listing restrictive gender expectations, Nopara attacks them fiercely. She declares that she loves herself no matter what. Nupara sticks to her values ​​and says it like it is, not caring who she offends in the process.

5 Esdeath truly believes that the weak deserve to die (Akame Ga Kill!)

Akame Ga Kill! Esdeath has a real passion for fighting. It takes the phrase “survival of the fittest” to an extreme and sadistic level. Her perfect world consisted of only the most powerful beings. She will not hesitate to exclude any weaker person from this planet, firmly believing that he deserves to die in the most painful way possible.

Esdeath’s passion for bloodshed is insatiable, and for her own happiness, she inflicts terrible pain on her victims. It may not seem like it, but a small part of her cares about the people around her. She is not above sacrificing them, but she does care about them. For Esdeath, that’s enough.

4 Yor Forger is the sweetest killer (Spy X family)

Ongoing anime series Spy family x The star of a fake family consisting of a spy father, a murderous mother, and a telepathic daughter. Yor Forger is a part-time writer at Berlint City Hall, a struggling part-time stepmother, and a full-time major killer.

As the ‘Thorn Princess’, Yor has a chilling aura and killer skills that will impress even the best spy in the country. Despite being a socially awkward native and a non-traditional mother, Yuer is an expert assassin who never misses her target. unlike Akame ga Kill! Esdeath, Yor protects those who cannot support themselves. She does her best in her day job and tries to be the best mom for Anya. It is a bit aloof, but in the face of enemies, it is unpredictable.

3 Nezuko does not need human consumption to be invulnerable (Demon Slayer)

In the Demon Slayer The universe, when man turns into a demon, has an unquenchable thirst for human blood. However, Nezuko is above these primitive lifestyles. She hadn’t had human flesh before, yet her demonic martial abilities were still mind-blowing.

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She protects the people she cares about, and fighting her nature in order to devour every human in sight must have taken a lot of courage and strength. At the same time, she is fighting a battle that fights her own kind instead of the “enemy”. Despite being a supposed stray animal, she does have a conscious mind of what is morally right.

2 Fujiko Mine is the poster character for Femme Fatales (Lupine III)

Fujiko Mine perfectly walks the line between wicked and affectionate. Her character is a mixture of confusion and mystery. The audience and the characters never know what they have in mind. A genius thief tends to unite with lupine A gang only when it benefits them, and you usually skip them twice once they reach the finish line.

Lupine’s undying loyalty and fondness for Fujiko is testament to her skills as a seductive criminal. As the glamor connoisseur, Fujiko uses her captivating charisma to trick men into doing her dirty work for her. Fujiko is perfectly capable of carrying out robberies on her own, but prefers to take advantage of men and commit crimes with them, never sharing the prize.

1 Kuroha Shiratori is deadly as far as they come (Eden of the East)

Kuroha lives a double life. She runs a modeling agency while hiding a deadly secret. Kuroha Shiratori may be a model, but Johnny Hunter’s trademark killer is kidnapping men to castrate them.

The countless male souls she has passed are not random, innocent souls she has come across. All of its victims have a history of abusing women. Kuroha/Johnny Hunter takes it upon herself to bring these men to justice. She’s not a mindless killer, but a protector fighting for what’s right. She is the best and most convincing female killer in anime history.

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