10 Anime Villains Better Than Thanos

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is more popular than ever, but it may never be able to replicate the success of the Infinity Saga. Lots of villains appeared over the course of 23 films, but Thanos was the ultimate villain. His civilization died due to overpopulation, and he didn’t want other civilizations to suffer the same fate, so he sought out Infinity Stones and used them to eliminate half of all life.

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This version of Thanos is a well-written villain because he has good intentions. The world of anime is full of villains, and although a few of them are poorly written, there are many that stand out. Overall, Thanos is better than many of the villains portrayed in the cartoon, but there are some villains that easily outperform Mad Titan.

10 Aizen could collect infinity stones and easily defeat the Avengers (Bleach)

many whitening Fans believed that Aizen should have been the series’ final villain. This is understandable given his intelligence and overwhelming strength. Thanos had some trouble collecting the Infinity Stones, and the Avengers proved they were more than he could handle.

Aizen’s strength is complete hypnosis. He is able to create almost flawless illusions by controlling a person’s five senses. With this power, Aizen could easily build a chain of events to bring stones to him “willingly”, and if the Avengers tried to stop him, he would have them destroy each other without either of them realizing.

9 Backstory for Doflamingo Better Than Thanos (One Piece)

Donquixote Doflamingo used fear to rule over the kingdom of Dressrosa for years, and used his ability to create and manipulate the thread to destroy most of the kingdom during his fight with Luffy. Thanos background story in infinity war It was convincing, but Doflamingo proved even better.

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Doflamingo was born as a noble scholar, but his father renounced her titles to live with commoners who hated their very existence. They were persecuted and tortured. Doflamingo killed his father to regain his prestige, but was eventually rejected, and had to kill his younger brother for being a spy in the Marines. This is why Doflamingo wants to destroy the world built by the nobles.

8 Meruem has grown more as a character (Hunter X Hunter)

Meruem is the most powerful Chimera ant, and his combat techniques make him almost unbeatable. Some consider him the best anime villain due to his personality and seemingly limitless power, but his character arc is what really stands out.

Thanos wanted to do good, but his character had already fallen off game over, to become a petite villain who wants to be seen as a savior. Meruem wanted to turn humanity into cattle because he saw no other value in them, but that changed when he met a little girl. Meruem developed a compassionate side, and saw that parts of humanity were worth living.

7 Zuhair wished to achieve balance in his own way (The Legend of Korra)

It can be said that Zaheer is symbol picture The best villain of the franchise. He started as a normal human, but became an Airbender after Harmonic Convergence. Zuhair mastered the ancient art quickly, to the point where he was able to take on the Avatar.

Thanos wished to bring balance to the universe by halving its population, but Zuhair had a different idea of ​​balance. He and his organization were anarchists who wished to destroy the Avatars and the nations of the world. The goal was to bring balance to the world by making humans and spirits live together again.

6 Frieza is a ruthless, brutal villain (Dragon Ball)

some Dragon Ball Fans may have come to hate Frieza, but they can’t deny the fact that he’s the most famous villain in the series. Leading his own army, his goal is to eventually rule the entire universe, and he has now gained a god-like power.

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Frieza is the perfect definition of a villain as he is ruthless and enjoys both glory and destruction. Thanos would stop at nothing to get the Infinity Stones, but he was still conscious. Frieza had eliminated anyone standing in his way without hesitation.

5 Johann Liebert, a genius manipulator and master (monster)

monster It is one of the famous anime that follows a serial killer and the doctor tries to stop him. Johann Liebert is the killer, and eventually becomes a villain due to a series of terrible experiences as a child.

Johann has no superpowers, but he does have genius-level intelligence and an incredible amount of charisma – which he uses to manipulate others in a cruel way. Johan is delighted with the pain it causes, and his original goal was to be the last person standing at the end of the world.

4 Gohan becomes a true deity for liberation (FMA: Brotherhood)

Thanos became a god once he collected all the Infinity Stones, but unlike the other villains, he destroyed them once he completed his goal because he didn’t care about strength. Father is the main villain Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, He sought to be the strongest being alive to live a life free of laws and restrictions.

When the Father assimilated an entity known as God, he himself became one, and was able to manipulate matter as he pleased—while completely ignoring the laws of physics. Unlike Thanos, the father cared about power and was willing to sacrifice millions in order to obtain it.

3 Lelouch made the ultimate sacrifice for peace (Code Geass)

Thanos wished to bring stability to the universe, but it ended up causing nothing but pain and destabilization instead. Loch Lamperough was an exiled British prince who vowed to eliminate his evil father and liberate Japan. He gained the power of Geass, a visual ability that forced people to follow his orders.

Lelouch becomes a hero while using a false identity, but realizes that there is only one way to bring peace to the world. Deciding to become a tyrannical emperor in order to become the world’s common enemy, he killed him himself. Unlike Thanos, Lelouch’s actions really brought stability.

2 The Light Wishes to Create a Utopia (Death Note)

Light Yagami was a high school student living an ordinary life, but that all changed when he found the Death Note. This notebook belonged to a Shinigami, and it allowed the Light to kill anyone as long as it knew their name. Light wished to create a world free of injustice, which is why he focused on criminals in the beginning.

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Unfortunately, Light Yagami developed a divine complex, and began killing innocents who wanted to stop him. Light wanted to create a utopia full of people he considered kind and honest, but in doing so, he became the kind of criminals he despised.

1 Madara has a better motive and plan (Naruto)

Madara Uchiha is one of the strongest ninjas ever, and he enjoyed showing off his superiority. Madara grew up during the Warring States Period, a period when many children were forced to fight and die on the battlefield. During this time he lost all his brothers.

Madara wanted to create a peaceful world where children would not have to experience war, and he devised a plan that would entrap the entire world in an endless dream world. Thanos’ plan caused a great deal of pain, and although Madara’s actions killed many people, Madara’s plan was designed to shut down those who would harm them.

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