10 Anime Villains Better Than Lord Voldemort

Harry PotterThe main villain, the fearsome Lord Voldemort, is one of the most notorious pop culture villains of all time, along with the bloody Jason Voorhees, Darth Vader, and others. Voldemort is a fictional villain who checks all villains’ chests – he’s power-hungry, arrogant, manipulative, cruel, scary-looking, and ruthless. He will stop at nothing to conquer the wizarding world and reshape it in its dark form.

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Some fans may be wondering if Voldemort was exaggerating. He’s powerful and disgusting, but he also has a good formula as a villain and has relatively few unique philosophies or great dialogue to offer. Many other villains can defeat him at his own game, including Japanese villains with more interesting backstories, plans, schemes, or philosophies. Voldemort feels very at ease compared to them.

10 Griffith is Beautiful and Ambitious (Berserk)

Physically, the famous villain Griffith is more attractive than the serpent-like Lord Voldemort, but that’s just the beginning. Griffith is amazing because he has a sympathetic halfway goal of creating his own kingdom, but he’s also a devious errant who will use, deceive, and mistreat anyone he has to move forward.

Griffith genuinely cares about his friends like Casca and the mercenary Guts, but that won’t stop him from betraying them to join the Divine Hand as Vimto, an extremely powerful being. Griffith also has notable human character flaws and quirks, which makes him more accurate than the purely evil Lord Voldemort.

9 All For One is the symbol of the villain (My Hero Academia)

In some ways, the almighty All For One is Voldemort My hero academy, a scary-looking man in dark clothes who aspires to become immortal and rule the world forever. But his fighting prowess and philosophy are more exciting than anything Voldemort has to offer.

All For One is a one-man army that has amassed hundreds of quirks and combined them in effective ways to challenge even the likes of All Might. He also has quirky but inspiring views on society, justice, right versus wrong, and the nature of humanity. Even Voldemort would be captured if he heard the speeches of All For One.

The series’ main villain, the deceitful father, is on a par with Voldemort, an ambitious creature who aspires to become immortal and rule the world. But it’s funny that it was one of the father’s followers who became FMA: BrotherhoodThe best villain, the angry swordsman who wears his eyes.

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Fury is both a deadly homunculus and the openly beloved leader of the Amestris nation. An ice slayer and effective assassin who lives up to his name in unexpected ways, this makes him more terrifying than any other warm-blooded berserker. He’s also a good actor and can frightfully switch between his character. Meanwhile, in battle, rage is a sight worth watching.

7 Eren Yeager blurs the line and defies the shounen conventions (Attack on Titan)

Some of the best villains are those who aren’t 100% traditional villains, like the infamous Eren Yeager. Some consider him a villain, while others feel he is a hero who has lost his way and gone too far. It’s tough, and that makes Eren more complex and layered than a villain who was simply born to be bad, like Voldemort.

Eren was once a classic shounen hero fighting to defend humanity from the Titans, but later on, that all changed. The Titans are actually Eren’s fellow Elders, victims of the brutal Marley Empire, and Eren will fight these Titans against his true enemies across the sea. But he must sacrifice his humanity to do so, and even his friends now see him as the greatest monster of all.

6 Pain asks tough questions (Naruto)

The Six Paths of Pain is a hero turned villain. Years ago, the frog Jiraiya mentored three orphaned friends named Yahiko, Nagato, and Konan, but they later grew up to be villains after experiencing some setbacks. The entity known as Pain is named after the agonizing cycle of hate and violence that goes on without end.

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Pain took control of Hidden Leaf Village and nearly won, all while asking difficult and meaningful questions about how to end the world’s pain and stop the fighting and misery. He defeated Naruto Uzumaki Pain, then inspired Nagato to believe in him instead and fight for true world peace this time. Nagato agreed.

5 Sousuke Aizen planned this all along (bleach)

in broad strokes, whiteningThe ultimate villain, Sousuke Aizen, appears to be just an animated Lord Voldemort, a selfish proponent who wants to rule the world and gain ultimate power. But Aizen is a legendary anime villain with more amazing dialogue, scenes, and powers than his dialogue Harry Potter Equivalent.

Unlike Voldemort, Aizen has mind-boggling deceptive abilities with a shikai kido-type, which can fool absolutely everyone, including viewers. Scary but exciting to watch, Aizen also shocked everyone with his sudden betrayal in the Soul Society arc, something Voldemort never did. Aizen’s arrogant and cold dialogue is also more memorable than anything Voldemort has ever said.

4 Askeladd Is Thorfinn’s Mentor & Enemy (Vinland Saga)

Like Eren Yeager, opponent Asklad is not entirely good or evil, which makes him more accurate than a villain like Lord Voldemort. Escalade is the one who killed Thor, Thorfinn’s beloved father, in an unfair battle, as he raided and plundered England in the eleventh century. But there is more than that.

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Secretly, Escalade is half Welsh, and he hates the Vikings who are a threat to all Celtic peoples. Escalade plans to wipe out all the Vikings, and also teaches Thorfinn some great philosophy about war, fate, and the world. Despite all this, he was the wise father figure of Thorfinn Bitter.

3 Light Yagami Becomes a Pseudo-God (Death Note)

Like Eren Yeager, the illustrious Light Yagami may be the hero of a shounen story, but he’s not a traditional hero. He quickly descends into villainy, plotting to become the “god” of a new world where he alone can do justice to the unworthy, but in doing so becomes the greatest serial killer in history.

Light Yagami has wowed anime fans with excitement, horror, and fascination with his ingenious schemes, increasingly devious gaze, and attitude, but even at his worst, Light was still somewhat convincing. It was intimidating to watch his New World Order take shape, only because his arrogance finally caught up with him.

2 Amon was almost right (the legend of Korra)

Animated villain Amon uses more than his fearsome mask to intimidate the inhabitants of Republic City and qorra fans. This clever villain is an expert in revolutionary tactics, using the media, populist support, concealed weapons, and deception to stay one step ahead and advance his anti-bow agenda.

Not only is Amon a terrifying enemy who can remove the bend, but he is also justified in the middle of the road. In this world, outcasts are truly the elite of society, and unemotional resentment toward them is real, while Voldemort can never claim to be partially justified. Even after the fall of Amon, the Council of All-Bandar still disappeared, replaced by the non-Bandar chief Raiku. Evidently, Amon was about to do something.

1 Meruem had his friendly side (Hunter X Hunter)

The ultimate phantom ant, Meruem, is somewhat similar to Voldemort himself. He was literally born to be a villain and took over an entire nation for his own purposes. He is also ruthless, ruthless and ruthless, and many of his subordinates rightly fear him. This is comparable to the number of Death Eaters who secretly fear their master Voldemort.

However, Meruem is much cooler than Voldemort, from his strange phantom ant nature to his overwhelming combative prowess and subtle good side. He was fascinated by a girl named Komugi, who challenged him to a game of gungi and thus piqued his interest. Meanwhile, Voldemort is incapable of love.

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