10 Anime To Watch If You Like Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War

Kaguya-sama: Love is War It is a unique romantic anime. Unlike other romantic titles, this movie includes a psychological component to the ongoing slapping on the knee comedy. Kaguya Shinomiya and Miyuki Shirogane are equally stubborn, and no one intends to admit it first. In this psychological war on love, whoever expresses his feelings loses first.

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Although the anime is not over yet, the manga is now on its final track. Fortunately, there are several titles that will keep fans satisfied after the series ends. These titles could rival .’s premium comics Kaguya-samaWhile maintaining her beloved psychological aspect.

10 Rent-A-Girlfriend brings comedy and mayhem

despite of Rent A- Girlfriend’s The manga ended in 2021, and the anime still has a long way to go before it ends. The anime follows Kazuya, a college student who was recently abandoned by his girlfriend. To fill in the blank, he downloads an app to hire a girlfriend.

The first girl he hires is Chizuru Mizuhara. It’s very clear that there is a lot of tension between them, but Chizuru will never admit it – at least at first. This anime brings the comedy and mayhem that fans love Kaguya-sama. It’s a hilarious romantic comedy that knows when to crash or speed it up.

9 Tsurezure kids stumble through a teen’s first love

Fans who appreciate uncertainty Kaguya-sama You will surely like it Kids Tsurezure. It is a heart-warming anime that shows the difficulty of a teenager dealing with his first love. It sums up the feelings of fear, excitement, and general chaos of acne.

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The characters deal with many real-world problems, such as the fear of admitting their feelings. The main theme in this anime is that all the characters stumble to find their own definitions of love. It’s hard to be in love, but Kids Tsurezure He reiterates that it’s more difficult when you’re a teen experiencing it for the first time.

8 Maid Sama! You must watch shoujo

Maid Sama! It is a classic shoujo that every anime fan should watch at least once. In addition, it is perfect for fans Kaguya-sama. The anime follows Misaki, the first female president of Seika High School. She takes a stricter attitude at school and does not tolerate any nonsense from male students.

However, she works in a maid’s cafe to make ends meet. She wants to keep this part of her life a secret from everyone at school. Unfortunately for her, Usui finds out about this. Fortunately, Usui does not tell the rest of the school. Instead, he would visit the cafe every day to tease her.

7 Death Note is the pinnacle of cat and mouse dynamics in animation

Fans who need a break from romance but feel fascinated Kaguya-sama You are sure to enjoy the psychological side death note. At this point, almost every anime fan has watched the series. It is a classic anime that is the undisputed king of all other cat and mouse dynamics.

Just like Kaguya and Shirogane, neither Light nor L will budge. Whoever shows his hand first loses. Obviously killing people is very different from high school romance, but the psychological warfare from it all is what makes the two series so entertaining.

6 Play Toradora for every classic romance cup

Everyone says they’re sick of the same cliched romance tropes rekindled over and over again, but the romantic titles are still a huge hit in every way. Toradora It is a classic romance anime that plays on almost every metaphor one can think of. It contains love triangles, mutual affection, and a host of complex relationships.

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Everyone knows that high school romance can get very messy. still, Toradora It depicts these relationships in a way we haven’t seen a thousand times before. Even better, don’t present relationships in a way that indirectly embarrasses the audience.

5 The Oran High School Host Club builds relationships through comedy

Although the anime only spans one season, the manga will provide fans with the satisfying ending that the show lacks. Oran High School Host Club It is a classic high school series that every fan must watch. For some, it’s an introduction to the medium.

This anime relies heavily on comics to build its relationships. While other rom-coms balance romance and laughter, Introduction orange It takes more comedy to deal with it. After all, working-class heroine Haruhi Fujioka is tempted by wealthy boys who participate in themed events to speak to the school’s female students. The series doesn’t take itself too seriously, fans Kaguya-sama You will appreciate that she has a similar style of banter between the characters.

4 Horimiya is more realistic than Kaguya-sama

One of the main attractions of Kaguya-sama It is the shots that exaggerate the drama and the petty arguments between the characters that drive the plot. In each episode there is a set of mini-plots that end with a character’s victory or loss.

If fans feel they need a change from their previously ongoing tug-of-war, Horimiya It would be a nice change of pace. It’s more realistic and humble than Kaguya-sama, but still has a lot of comedy. Most of the show takes place after the confession, so the audience gets a break from the constant nail-biting and wondering, “Will they? Right?”

3 Kamisama’s kiss isn’t the typical high school romance

While most high school romance anime tend to steer clear of the supernatural, kamisama kiss Dive into the world of magic. The anime follows Nanami, a homeless teenage girl who suddenly becomes the subject of a shrine. Nanami moves from living on the streets to a world of yokai and other mystical elements.

Her most important relationship in the anime is her familiar one, Tomoe. It is a fox spirit that lives in the shrine. In the end, they fall in love when Nanami learns the importance of empathy.

2 Play the dress-up game Habibi on a classic cup in a unique way

One of the most common metaphors in any work of romantic fiction is when an exuberant character brings a shy person out of their shell. They are complete opposites, but they complement each other so well. dress up my love He creatively reinvents this tried-and-true classic metaphor.

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The anime follows Wakana Gojo, a high school student who dreams of becoming the best Hina doll maker. He meets the beloved girl Marin Kitagawa, a famous girl who is interested in his sewing skills. Wakana helps Marinette get dressed up. He makes her clothes, puts on her makeup, and even helps take pictures. In the end, the two grow undeniable feelings for each other. These two have a more honest dynamism than Kaguya and Shirogane, but fans will appreciate the anime’s sense of humor as it doesn’t take itself too seriously.

1 Fruit basket is the best way to slow burn

fruit basket A must watch for any shoujo fan. is similar to Kaguya-samaThis anime has an excellent slow-burning relationship. Two people are slowly getting closer to realizing their feelings for each other which is frustrating and frustrating. On the other hand, the audience never wants the reinforcements to end. On the other hand, fans are waiting for these two to actually kiss and confess.

However, this anime is different from Kaguya-sama Because it does not contain an intense and exhausting psychological duel for stubborn minds. But, fruit basket It can be quite tearful, especially when it covers the backstory of the characters.

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