10 anime sets on a tropical island

In the summer, everyone wants to think about the beach. And while many anime series have beach episodes, some anime series take it a step further. For some series, things go beyond just being on the beach. Some series have their entire show set on a tropical island.

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The themes of tropical islands in the cartoon often go in different directions. Sometimes the series tends to have the slice-of-life feel that comes with such a comfortable setup. Other anime series have decided to change gears and portray a dark story that contrasts with the beautiful and mesmerizing environment.

10 Hawaii’s Rainy Cocoa Brings Rainy Color Café to Hawaii

The rainy cocoa The franchise consists of several seasons of shorts from studio EMT Squared that tell the story of a crew of pretty boys who run their very own coffee shop called Rainy Color. The original series tells the story of servant Aoi Tokura, barista Shion Koga, and workers who are attracted by their looks. Season 3 shifts the focus to Hawaii, and introduces Nozomo Tokura, Aoi’s older brother. After being appointed in charge of the Rainy Colors location in Hawaii, Nozomu faces his own challenges in the new area.

9 The island combines time travel with island adventures

In 2018, the studio felt the adaptation of the visual novel Island In the anime series twelve episodes. Like many visual novels turned into cartoons, there’s a lot going on. Island It is the story of a time traveler who ends up on the shores of Urashima with the aim of saving a girl, only to lose all his other memories. Gradually the young man begins to understand the people on the island, get acquainted with their traditions, customs and mysteries. The only downside to Island It’s how you try to cram a long visual novel into twelve episodes. As a result, the story can feel rushed or completely lacking in some important places.

8 Have you lost focus on a group of surviving girls on a deserted island

Are you lost It is a survival anime that focuses on a group of high school girls who are stranded on a deserted island. With nowhere to go, three of the girls quickly expressed their concern about how they would be able to survive.

The fourth member is a survival expert, and she has traversed the most dangerous conditions in her life. She has the knowledge needed to survive on a deserted island, and is happy to share it with others. But are they willing to listen?

7 Da Capo is located on an island characterized by magical tools

da capo It was a popular harem series from the early 2000s that ran for twenty-six episodes from Zexcs and Feel Studios. The show was held on Hutson Island, where cherry blossoms bloom all year round. Trees are known to grant wishes and confer magical powers to the people who live there.

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Protagonist Junichi Asakura has the ability to see other people’s dreams, but most of the time he stays out of sight and lives the normal high school life. But when he meets an old friend again, both his world and Hatsune Island begin to change.

6 Star Driver features giant robots fighting in pocket dimensions

star driver It was a bold new anime from Studio BONES and a director who is best known for his work earth captainTakuya Igarashi. star driver It takes place on the Southern Cross Isle where the enemies known as the Glittering Crux Brigade have found a new weapon in the Cybodies.

Electronic Objects are giant robots operating in the pocket dimension known as Zero Time. The only thing standing in their way is Takuto Tsunashi – aka Galactic Bishounen – who wakes up on the island and already boasts his very own Cybody, known as Tauburn.

5 Aikatsu stars! The film takes the cast of Aikatsu stars to a tropical island for a special audition

The aikatsu The series focuses on the journey to becoming an idol. Aikatsu stars It follows Yume Nijino, who is making her way to the Four Stars Academy, trying to develop her skills and one day reach the elite level. While Aikatsu stars Usually it takes place at the academy, and the movie changes things and sends the characters to an island.

There, a legendary dress test experiment is taking place, but the girls are forced to find secret dresses somewhere on the island first. classic movie aikatsu But on a slightly larger scale, the movie only lasts an entire hour.

4 Nagasarete Airantou Is Gilligan Island With a Harem Twist

Nagasarete Airantou It was one season of the 200 anime Harem, animated by Studio Feel. The show focused on Ikuto Touhouin after he decided to take time off in the wake of a fight with his father. However, Ikoto was thrown overboard when his ship was sailing in a storm.

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Ikoto wakes up on an island full of gorgeous women, a common cliché of the harem anime. Although most series will turn this setting into some kind of horror series, Nagasaret It turns into a romantic comedy harem, as Ikuto and the women learn how to adapt to a world without any technology.

3 Macross Zero serves as a precursor to the entire Macross franchise

After years of not broadcasting, I brought the satellite macross Back with OVA . series Macros Zero. Introduction to the events leading up to the original macrossAnd the zero It started a year before humanity was found by the Zentradi. During that time, the world was still at war with each other over rapid unification.

in Macros Zero, Shin Kudo was shot down and landed on the Mayan island. While there, Shane discovers the new weapon used by UN-Spacy – the Valkyrie named VF-0. Macros Zero Doesn’t feel like the original macrossor its sequel Macross Frontierbut it fills in some gaps for those who missed out on everything the franchise was working on in the ’90s.

2 The Stranger By The Shore is a strange love story that features a novelist who falls in love

Stringer by the Shore is a movie that focuses on Sean Hashimoto, an openly gay man who has been living alone in Okinawa since his debut. While living by the ocean, Shun meets Mio Chibana, and a budding relationship begins to emerge until Mio returns to the mainland.

Three years later, Shun is forced to deal with his unresolved feelings when Mio returns and confesses his feelings for Shun. despite Stringer by the Shore It doesn’t contain the plays or the nature of some series, which is what makes it special. It’s a cute and plausible love story about two people who come to terms with their love for each other.

1 Squid girl sees squid trying to take revenge on humanity

What happens when a squid decides that human pollution of the ocean is out of control? Well, if this Squid is Ika Musume, she gets very upset, destroys a wall in a restaurant, and ends up working there to pay off her debts. squid girl It’s exactly the kind of relaxed, healthy anime people look for when they want a break. Although Ica’s goal is to conquer the world and make humans understand the extent of the damage they’ve done to the oceans, the series often focuses on the benevolent Ica of the women of Lemon Beach House.

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