10 anime series better than Game of Thrones

Based on the popular fantasy novel series by George R.R. Martin, game of thrones It achieved massive success as a television series and developed a large fan base that is still active today. With its grandiose scales, huge crew, and intricate stories of adventure and political maneuvering, game of thrones It has taken its place as one of the best aired series in recent years.

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Of course, the series isn’t perfect, especially in its ending with the final season weighing heavily on the entire series. Where fans feel nostalgic for the good days of game of thronesMany may look to animations to scratch that itch. Luckily game of thrones Fans, there are many anime that in their own way excel the successful HBO series.

10 Moribito: Guardian Of The Spirit is a powerful female warrior star

Also adapted from the fantasy novel series, Moribeto: Guardian of the Soul It is a beautiful anime with a fantasy setting similar to game of thrones. The series follows spear-wielding Balsa, a bodyguard driven by the need to atone for the lives that are killed in her name.

At just 26 episodes, the series is easier to digest than game of thrones. Balsa’s unique blend of fighting strength, determination and a desire to atone makes her a strong female character that rivals the likes of Brienne of Tarth or Arya Stark.

9 Berserk takes dark fantasy to the next level

If fans are looking for an anime that embodies the dark side of it game of thrones‘ imagination, Rambunctious It is the obvious choice. Set in an environment resembling the European Middle Ages, Rambunctious It follows Guts with a giant sword, who joins the Band of the Hawk, a mercenary group led by the charismatic Griffith.

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If fans think game of thrones is violent, gruesome and incredibly brutal at some points, Rambunctious It takes this to a whole new level. With her many series and movies, Rambunctious It sets the standard for dark fantasy, featuring a fantasy setting that’s arguably more exciting than game of thrones“.

8 Death Note is a well-written strategy game

althoug death note It might not be the first anime that comes to mind when talking about it game of thrones, listed similar. Set in modern-day Japan, it centers around Light Yagami, a genius teen who encounters the Death Note, a notebook who can kill whoever writes his name inside.

Light’s mission to defeat crime with the Death Note is a brilliantly written strategy game that reminds us of it game of thronescomplex political strategy. While death noteThe later episodes aren’t as strong as the first half, they’re still better overall than game of thrones“the end.

7 Code Geass is a tour de force for political maneuvering

Code Geass is a space opera that follows Lelouch vi Brittania, an exiled prince who receives a mysterious power, called Geass, that allows him to order anyone to do anything he wants. The series details his journey to use his new power to destroy the British Empire and avenge those who betrayed him and killed his mother.

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Some might argue that Code GeassBrilliant storytelling, filled with political maneuvering, war, multifaceted characters, and themes of betrayal and revenge, excel game of thrones.

6 Legend of Galactic Heroes is a genius tactics battle

A classic in the world of anime and science fiction, Legend of Galactic Heroes It is a space epic based on a series of novels. It follows the never-ending war between two nations in the distant future.

Reinhard von Loehtingram and Yang Wen Li, both strategic geniuses, rose to power on opposite sides of the war, and what follows is a brilliantly told story of the warring nations. a lotThe complex mind games, strategic intelligence maneuvers, and historical approach to its story make it worth a watch. Many fans agree that it’s generally better than game of thrones.

5 The Beast Player Erin is a surprisingly deep war story

at Monster player IreneEren lives with her mother, who raises giant dragon-like beasts that the government uses in battle. After her mother is sentenced to death, Eren grows up alone, learning how to tame monsters herself and inadvertently engaging in a war of epic proportions.

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Although marketed to children, the anime is surprisingly deep and often explores the dark elements of war and human nature. The series is a fantasy world and a well-written plot rival game of thrones, Without relying on violence to interest viewers.

4 Monster masterfully handles its intertwined events

monsteradapted from the manga Naoki Urasawa of the same name, is a psychological thriller about Dr. Kenzo Tenma, a neurosurgeon who makes the pivotal decision to operate and save a young boy named Yohan.

Years later, after Doctor Tenma investigates several deaths and finds Gohan to be the centerpiece of it all, he sets out to correct his mistake of saving a monster’s life. monster He handles his subject matter carefully and has a well-written character development. The way its multiple stories and characters intertwine is on a completely different level than game of thrones.

3 Attack on Titan is as brutal as it is well written

One of the most popular anime series. The attack on the Giants It is a compelling tale of competitors game of thrones In abundance of horrific scenes. Set in a fictional world where human-eating giants exterminated, forcing survivors to live in walled cities, the series follows Eren Yeager, a boy who seeks to fight against the Titans after they killed his mother.

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The brutal and unforgiving nature of the fantasy world of the series is like that game of thrones. But, The attack on the GiantsThe plot and story development made it superior to the HBO series.

2 He explores the Vinland Saga with experience of war and revenge

While finland saga It still has a way to fully adapt the story of the manga, and so far it has proven its potential and earned its place as one of the best historical anime.

Thorfinn, the young son of a legendary Viking, seeks to avenge his father’s death by defeating his assassin, the mercenary Askellad, in a duel. When Thorfinn grows up into a skilled assassin, he finds himself in the middle of conflicts between multiple kingdoms and his heirs. finland sagaHis brilliant writing, character growth, and world building put it at the forefront game of thrones.

1 Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood is a masterpiece of storytelling

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood It is set in a fictional world and follows the Elric brothers, Edward and Alphonse. Before the series began, the two brothers had a horrific accident after trying to use chemistry to bring their mother back from the dead. Working with the government as alchemists, they seek the Philosopher’s Stone to restore their bodies.

With its diverse cast of unforgettable characters and extensive storytelling, FMAB Many consider it the perfect series, from start to finish. On the whole, he definitely excels game of thrones.

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