10 Anime Restaurants We Want To Visit

Of all the places in the anime world, restaurants are surprisingly one of the most diverse. Whether their menus are filled with classic Japanese meals or Western fare, the possibilities seem endless for restaurants in animation.

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Even if the main premise of the anime is not about working in the food industry, these restaurants still serve as important places that the characters visit. They often make important memories in these places or learn valuable lessons while enjoying some delicious food and talking to their friends. Regardless, these restaurants would be fun to visit in real life too.

10 The alternate world bar makes the food that Isika brings to his patrons to another world (Izkai Izakaya Nobu)

At the Alternate World bar, patrons enjoy a full menu of foods and drinks that transport them to a whole new world. It is located in a back alley of Kyoto and looks rather unassuming, but its food is out of this world. After eating this restaurant’s food, customers are instantly transported to a world called “Aitera”.

This restaurant would be interesting to visit in real life. It would be exciting to try out their menu and then teleport to this alternate universe. In addition, citizens of Aiteria come through the gate to visit Alternate World Bar.

9 Tenjin-Ya Is A Supernatural Bed & Breakfast (Kakuriyo)

Tenjin-Ya seems like a nice hostel to visit. It is just a bridge away from the Jintin area, which is a wealthy area that attracts a lot of patrons. However, this entire area has a bad reputation because it is associated with supernatural events and bad luck.

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Inside this inn there is a supernatural bed and breakfast that will be interesting to experience. Despite its bad reputation, all the staff are so kind and friendly who just want to run a successful business and make sure Tenjin-Ya is a great place for all of its patrons.

8 The burger that the devil himself flips over will hit differently (the devil is partially temporary)

After his conquest of Ente Isla fails, Satan escapes into the mortal world and is forced to work part-time at MgRonald’s to make ends meet so he can return to Hell. He soon discovers that working in the mundane world of man can be worse than in his home.

However, his view changed when he realized that he could move up the corporate ladder and rule the earth with every happy customer. Aside from the restaurant’s ridiculously illegal name, fans can’t help but wonder what fast food made by the devil himself tastes like. Any burger flipped up by the infamous King of Hell will be hit differently.

7 Customers can have a haircut while enjoying their food at Barber Gourmet (Toriko)

For the average working-class person, it can be difficult to balance all the responsibilities of life and maintain a decent appearance. Sometimes, it can be hard to find the time to prepare dinner. Fortunately, Barber Gourmet has everyone covered in these situations.

The business is owned by Pen, who is a talented barber and excellent gourmet chef. Customers can cut their hair while enjoying delicious meals. Pen is a hairstylist so talented that not a single strand of hair falls into a client’s food while he’s cutting it.

6 It would be fun to meet the staff of Wagnaria (work!!)

Although Wagnaria is fairly ordinary on the surface, it has many employees with eccentric personality traits. To name a few, the floor chef owns a katana, the manager is known to be lazy, and the chef has a no-nonsense personality. The waiters and waitresses also have a lot of weird quirks, like the superior Popura complex and Souta’s inability to say no to her.

Tons of hilarious antics happen with such a daring group of characters, so it will be fun to visit the restaurant and plunge into the chaos of this group. Plus, their food is surprisingly good, so it won’t be a waste of time.

5 Yukihara Restaurant offers daily specials (Food Wars!)

Yukihira Restaurant operates as a special kind of place back in the day. Although there was no set menu, their specials were vastly different daily. The restaurant became even more successful after Soma began making his own upgraded versions of the classics.

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He took beef stew, which some felt was unacceptable in the semi-final, and improved its taste by using several different parts of the beef. The best part about Yukihira is that since people from all walks of life come to visit, it will be accessible to almost anyone. Although the food is great, their prices are not exorbitant.

4 Nekoya Western Restaurant Connects to the Other World every Saturday (Restaurant to Another World)

Nekoya Western Restaurant seems relatively unassuming to the average patron. After all, no one will refuse affordable food with a free choice of soup, rice and bread on the side. Although it is not in the most well maintained section of the shopping district, its staff do their best to create a warm and welcoming environment for the guests.

However, this restaurant becomes a gateway to the other world every Saturday. People from the ordinary world can cross into it, and the inhabitants of the other world can also walk through the doors. Fortunately, evil spirits cannot come and go as they please.

3 Humans can hang out with all kinds of animals in the polar bear cafe

Polar Bear Cafe, owned by Shirokuma, is a great place where humans and animals can hang out with each other. Shirokuma takes great pride in running such a wonderful establishment, and he always tries to make sure that the café is a go-to place for all of his customers.

Polar Bear Café has an extensive menu of drinks and snacks to choose from while you relax with characters like the lovable Klutz, Panda, and the sassy Penguin.

2 Trattoria Trussardi’s Food Has Incredible Health Benefits (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Unbreakable Diamonds)

Tonio’s restaurant is just another one of Morioh’s weird and exotic attractions. At first, it looks like an average Italian restaurant. However, one bite of Tonio’s food has magical effects on humans.

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Not only is the food delicious, but he uses his platform to create specially designed dishes to cure anyone of all their ailments, even those they weren’t familiar with. Okuyasu made some tomatoes and mozzarella, which instantly eased his stiff shoulder. Some have said that Tonio’s position can heal a person from ailments previously thought incurable.

1 Ichiraku Ramen is an essential ingredient in Konoha (Naruto)

Ichiraku Ramen is Naruto’s favorite restaurant. He never misses an opportunity to stop by and have a bowl of ramen, and he usually gets more than just one. Ichiraku Ramen is a staple in Konoha. Although destroyed after Pain’s rampage, Inari rebuilt it because he knew it was Naruto’s favourite.

Interestingly, in real life there is a restaurant of the same name. It is located in Fukuoka and has only two locations throughout Japan. where Naruto Its popularity has skyrocketed, with the restaurant selling napkins with characters from the series along with pasta cups with their logo.

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