10 anime relationships destroyed by villains

The villains in the cartoon may be known for their torture and mass murder, but one of the worst things they can do to their heroes is intentionally destroy their relationships. Whether romantic or familial, these bonds fell in the face of great evil.

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Often times, these relationships are ruined by petty malice, but there are some notably tragic differences as well. Sometimes, the villain of the anime in question ruined their chances of love and the indulgence of their selfish desires.

10 Scum’s Desire – Akane manipulates Hanabi and Mugi’s feelings

Although they agreed to keep their relationship purely sexual, Hanabi and Mugi could not deny the development of their feelings. by scum desires Halfway through, they agree to give romance a shot after closing the book with their own issues of unrequited love. Hanabi did what was agreed, but Mogi was inclined to do otherwise.

Mogi was a fan of his teacher, Akane, and she slept with him despite knowing of his agreement with Hanabi. This one-night stand caused a permanent gap between Hanabi and Mugi until the end of the anime. Although they eventually reconciled scum desireThey went their separate ways.

9 Cowboy Bebop – An evil threat to Julia and Spike’s relationship with death

When they were still in the Red Dragon Guild, Julia and Spike found solace in each other’s company and began an affair. Only when Spike was ready to leave the criminal life with Julia, did she not appear on the agreed date and location. However, Julia Spike was not left alone because she wanted to.

Vicious, another guild member, takes possession of their relationship and orders Julia to kill Spike or face execution. Instead, Julia escapes saving Spike by disappearing. The two reunite after spending years escaping the past, but this proves fatal as Julia is assassinated soon after, and Spike Vicious is fought to death.

8 Inuyasha – Naraku turns Kikyo and Inuyasha against each other

Although Inuyasha was a yokai and Kikyo was a human, their love challenged the prejudices of each other’s races. After a slight misunderstanding, the two of them grew up and were ready to use the Four Souls Gem to transform Inuyasha into a full-fledged human. But then Naraku spoiled everything.

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Naraku wanted the jewel, so he tricked the lovers into a fight so he could steal it. Things ended horribly for the couple, as Kikyo Inuyasha was put under a decades-long sleeping curse as he tried to escape with the jewel. Soon, a grieving Kikyo died due to the fatal injuries caused by Naraku who was disguised as Inuyasha.

7 Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann – Taking Nya’s anti-helix away from Simon in death

Simon and Nia’s love was so obvious, they decided to get married before Anti-Spiral even announced their existence. After the grueling battle for humanity’s right to self-determination, Simon and Nya finally tied the knot when the Dai-Gurren team returned to Earth. There was a catch, though – Nya died at the altar.

In fact, Nia was created by Anti-Spiral to be her messenger. The free and true character Nya won the dominance of the Anti-Spiral but after her maker is gone, she and everything she created have vanished. It could be argued that Simon and Nya’s romance was doomed from the start, but it could have continued without the arrival of The Anti-Spiral.

6 Code Geass – Zero (by chance) turns Bohemian and Suzaku into his enemies

The romance between the third Britannia princess, Euphemia i Britannia, and her Japanese bodyguard, Suzaku Kururugi, was something of a fairy tale. After their awkward first meeting, the two approached, confessed their feelings, and even swore to a peaceful pursuit of peace between Japan and the British Empire.

but only when Code Geass The evil protagonist Zero (or Lelouch vi Britannia) confesses to Euphemia, and Geass accidentally swerves and orders Euphemia to massacre her Japanese supporters. Not only did this end her and Susakus’ love before it began, but it also wiped out Japan and Britain in a much longer and bloodier war.

5 Naruto – Sasuke Uchiha Tour Team 7 Regardless

Itachi may have been responsible for the Uchiha massacre, but in the end, it was Sasuke who was responsible for the Uchiha massacre. Naruto main discount. Feeling that he had to avenge his murdered family and restore their honor, Sasuke brazenly cut ties with Team 7: his mentor Kakashi, his romantic fan Sakura, and his best friend Naruto – to hunt down Itachi.

Not only did Sasuke’s actions turn him into a monster, they also wracked the once inseparable friendship of Team Seven. by Naruto Shippuden Peak War and Team Seven reunion, Sasuke was a ruthless villain who was a far cry from the group’s resident stoic but friendly member. Then he had to be dragged by force to his senses.

4 Attack On Titan – Eren Yeager put revenge in front of his friends and potential romance

in hindsight, The attack on the Giants Not the story of the Eldians’ liberation, but Eren’s fall into the dark side. After learning the truth behind Paradise Island and the history of its people, Eren vows to kill the entire world. To do this, he abandoned his surviving friends from the 104th Training Corps days and, worst of all, turned on his lifelong friends Mikasa and Armin.

As if punching Armin in the face wasn’t enough, Eren hatefully crushes any hopes of love in Mikasa. Armin believes that Eren has a deeper reason for his actions, but that possibility is not mitigated by the fact that Eren has turned his back on his humanity and the chance of a normal, peaceful life to end the world as everyone knows it.

3 Berserk – Griffith Betrayed Guts, Casca, The Band Of The Hawk’s Love

Griffith Guts and Casca loved, but in the end, he was too narcissistic to be likable. When Guts and Casca become a couple and plan to move out of the Band of the Hawk, Griffith falls into a downward spiral of despair that leads to a failed suicide attempt before culminating in the living hell that was Eclipse.

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Here, Griffith sacrifices everyone he knows for power, but saves Guts and Casca for worse. Born again as Vimto, Griffith abused Casca in front of a disfigured guts just to spite him. Whatever bonds the three had held were forever broken, leaving Casca mentally wrecked and Guts swearing bloody revenge on the man he once loved.

2 Devilman Crybaby – Kill the devil his chance of love and a new life

Tragedy Devilman Crepebe It was a time ring intended to punish the demon, or the amnesic Ryo Asuka. When Ryo remembered who he was and what God had done to him, he attacked by burning the world down. Unfortunately, only after he killed everything and everyone realized his own wasteful mistakes.

As an amnesic human, the demon becomes a friend and then falls in love with Akira Fudo, an ordinary man who was destined to become a demon. Satan was condemned to not only fight and then kill the only person he truly loved before he instantly regretted it, but to repeat this endlessly as divine punishment for his disobedience to God.

1 Neon Genesis Evangelion – Jindo Ikari dragged his family and friends with him for the machine

As much as he was social, Jindo found love when he married Yui. However, she died sooner than expected. Gendo devoted the rest of his life to bringing Yui back, but, as noble as this sounds, his motives and methods were anything else. In short, Jindu destroyed countless lives, especially those close to him, in the name of Yui.

Gendo romantically manipulates Naoko Akagi and later her daughter Ritsuko for his ends. Even worse, he used his son Shinji as a pawn before tossing him aside. Gendo destroyed all the relationships he could have built with others for a past he couldn’t move on from, and he and the world paid for it with their lives.

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