10 anime heroines who will be great in the charming girl series

The world of Magical Girl anime is full of bright costumes and amazing powers. Girls and women entrusted with these powers are not only strong and brave, but also considered extremely beautiful. The pressure to stick to these standards must be heavy on these characters, but they all handle it with poise and grace. However, these women are not the only ones with such fitness and strength under pressure.

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The heroines in the anime are some of the bravest and most powerful characters. They fight demons and expel curses. And while many have magical powers of their own, some are ordinary heroes in their everyday lives. Whatever their strength, there is no limit to the ingenuity and charm of these anime heroines.

10 Taiga Aisaka can use her Kendo (Toradora!)

Taiga Isaka is everyone’s favorite romantic protagonist. at Toradora!Taiga forms a friendship with the strange-looking Ryuuji Takasu. The Shenanigans follow, resulting in Taiga and Ryuuji finding a little more than they originally thought.

Taiga was making a great witch girl because she was already well versed in kendo, which she could use as her fighting style. She’d never admit it, but Tyga also loves to dress up, which is one of the key elements of being a charming girl. In general, Taiga’s toughness and loyalty will make her a wonderful charming girl.

9 Tamaki Kotatsu has a fiery character (fire power)

Tamaki Kotatsu is a third generation kinetic firepower. She has two glowing cat tails and a set of fiery cat ears which she can control at will. Tamaki is a member of the Fire Force – a group tasked with bringing down Hell (fiery monsters that were once humans) and discovering the terrible secrets that hide beneath the surface.

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Tamaki would make a wonderful charming girl because of her commitment to her job, as well as her excellent command of firepower. Her (mostly) innocent demeanor is a perfect fit for being a charming girl. Plus, a magical outfit might help her keep away from Lucky Lecher Lure.

8 Marine Kitagawa has all the right accessories (baby dress)

dress up my love It centers around Wakana Gojo, a young man who loves to sew, and Marin Kitagawa, a young woman who loves cosplay. The two form a bond and feelings begin to grow between them.

The main reason why Marinette makes a great girl witch is because of her costumes. Her passion for clothes makes her the perfect candidate to make up a charming girl. In addition, Marin is known for having clear goals and a determination that matches the ideals that the Magical Girls display.

7 Sasha Prause has the required charisma and fighting prowess (Attack on Titan)

The attack on the Giants It might not be the first show people think of when searching for potential Magical Girls, but Sasha Braus has it all. The attack on the Giants It is the story of a group of military recruits about to join the ranks to fight the Titans (giant man-eating monsters) outside the walls of their community. Sasha uses her archery skills and love of food to protect and cheer up her comrades.

Sasha’s character lends itself to being a charming girl because she is friendly, fun and brave. Her shooting skills give her the necessary fighting style to fight titans or any other mysterious enemy that might come. Sasha can be an excellent girl witch because she knows what it takes to stop enemies in their tracks and also how to help put her friends at ease.

6 Emma’s survival skills will come in handy (The Promised Neverland)

Neverland Promise It is the story of the children of Grace Field House. All of them live a happy and happy life until adoption. However, the fantasy of an exciting life fades for the kids when the two of them, Norman and Emma, ​​witness a small part of what life really looks like outside their home.

Emma knows how to survive. She is self-confident, resourceful and knows how to help those in need. Her intelligence is only comparable to her athletic skills, and her empathy is limitless. Emma will make the perfect magical girl because of her strong desire to help those in need, as well as her quick thinking in the face of danger.

5 Intensely adorable Nezuko Kamado (Demon Slayer)

When their entire family is killed by a rampaging demon, Tanjiro and Nzoku Kamado set out on a mission to defeat him in the hit show, Demon Slayer. However, Nizuko was bitten during the attack on her family and became a demon herself. Tanjiro and Nezuko work together to fight other demons and discover if there is a cure for Nezuko’s condition.

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Despite being a demon, Nezuko is an amazing character – a trait that applies to a lot of the Magical Girls. However, even more important is the fact that Nezuko is a warrior. When her demonic powers are combined with her desperate need to protect her “family,” Nezuko becomes an almost unstoppable force. Any Magical Girl series would be lucky to include Nezuko in their numbers.

4 Good-looking Nobara Kojisaki (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Jujutsu Kisen It tells the story of Yuji Itadori as he navigates the world as a mage in training, while also possessing the despicable cursed soul, Sukuna. The other two in his class, Megumi Fushiguro and Nobara Kugisaki, team up with Itadori to remove curses and help him understand the new world he lives in.

Kugisaki differs from many female shounen characters, who usually embody either complete femininity or rigidity and semi-disabled masculinity. Kugisaki has aspects of both, which makes her a great character. Kojisaki’s power when using a hammer is unparalleled. However, in her spare time, Kojisaki loves fashion and shopping. Kojisaki will make a gorgeous charming girl with her modern sense of style and unbridled strength.

3 Mina Ashido got the moves (My Hero Academia)

My hero academy Centered around Izuku Midoriya and his classmates at an elite superhero high school. When they go through their training, they learn what it really means to be a champion. One such member of the class is Mina Ashido, who was famous for her ability to release acid from different parts of her body, which dissolves anything on contact.

Ashido is known not only for her amazing abilities but also for her dance moves, which she used to help design her class’s dance performance at their school festival. It’s a well-known fact that any charming girl worth their salt has a choreographed dance sequence up her sleeve, which makes Ashido an excellent candidate. Her hard work and great moves will make her a wonderful charming girl.

2 Nene Yashiro’s curiosity and cute appearance shine (Hanako-kun attached to the toilet)

Nene Yashiro is the protagonist of the anime Hanako-kun toilets. Yashiro desperately needs a love affair, so she takes her chances and asks a spirit, Hanako, for help. What you get instead is an unbreakable contract with the soul as dark forces attempt to take over the school.

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Yashiro’s general demeanor and sheer curiosity would make her a wonderful charming girl. Yashiro always finds herself in difficult situations, but she knows how to use her resources to get out of them. She relies heavily on her friends, an aspect that is often seen among the Magical Girls. Finally, even though she doesn’t like her looks, Yashiro would look great in any magical girl’s outfit.

1 Megumin’s firepower will drive enemies away (Konosuba)

Konosuba It is the tale of Kazuma Sato after he dies of a heart attack and is transported to a new world with the goddess Aqua. Along the way, the pair befriend two other people – Darkness and Megumin – who help them in their quest for fame (and most importantly) money.

Although she is a one-trick pony, Megumin is an exceptional candidate to become a charming girl. Her explosive power has a disastrous sting, making her an ideal ending action figure in battle. Additionally, her small stature and general appearance will help her blend into any Magical Girl anime he might take. Megumin is the star of the Magical Girl that fans long for.

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