10 Anime Heroes That Never Strengthened

Many action anime offer characters who are strong but need to grow. Throughout the show, the adversities and enemies the characters face keep escalating, requiring new powers, abilities, or tools. Heroes often discover new powers lurking within them. In order to give heroes a fighting chance in the face of ever-increasing dangers, stronger abilities are needed.

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There are animations that do not need to follow this pattern. Their heroes either way are too strong from the start or the combo doesn’t require increasing strength levels. These limitations help shape the story, and force the protagonists to think creatively or rely on their own established ingenuity.

10 Kaneda is a fairly normal guy who fights huge powers (Akira)

Kaneda is the leader of the New Tokyo motorcyclists’ group. when Akira Starting out, Kaneda’s attitude makes him look like a big shot in his circle. He battles rival biker gangs and looks good at doing so. However, the story turns quickly, introducing espers who have frightening psychic powers.

This alone makes Kaneda comparable to any ordinary Neo-Tokyo citizen – he has no real abilities outside of his intelligence, determination and athleticism. This fact is exacerbated when he joins the resistance group Kei. Kaneda goes from guerrilla warfare to fighting against the government and his former comrade Tetsuo. The stakes increase, but Kaneda remains the same.

9 Kaiman does not change even when fighting magical users (Dorohedoro)

in World DorohidoroThere are humans and magic users. Caiman is a human with a strange set of circumstances. Because of some gaps in his memory, he couldn’t remember the period in his life before he had his creepy head. Regardless, this gives Kaiman immunity to magic.

Magic users are helpless when facing a caiman. He is physically terrifying, his body is ripped apart, and he is really talented in hand-to-hand combat. Magical users like Shin, Noi, and Nikaido are some of the strongest users in the anime, so they can face Kaiman even if the magic doesn’t affect him. However, Kaiman doesn’t need anything but his raw strength to reward them.

8 All he needs are Hei’s electric powers (darker thanks to black)

World darker than black She is one filled with strange abilities. Multiple characters have superpowers and use them for their own gain. Hei are called contractors, and he’s one of them. An assassin who has the ability to electrocute people and things, many Hei targets have the same deadly abilities, or are protected by contractors with the same amount of killing.

Hei’s past as a mercenary is what gives him an advantage during most conflicts. Kei is used to fighting and thinking fast on his feet, and Kei’s expertise, athleticism, and electrification make him one of the deadliest characters in the entire show.

7 Spike Spiegel Is Just An Old Fashioned Cowboy (Cowboy Bebop)

World Cowboy Bebop It is somewhat earthly, except for the sci-fi elements. Most of the enemies of Spike’s faces are normal humans. In that context, it’s incredibly powerful. As a former guild member, Spike has seen his share of the fight. He is a good marksman, as well as an expert martial artist.

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In his line of work, Spike doesn’t need to be more than that. His experience and instincts carry him through most challenges. The only time Sike ever excels is when he tackles sci-fi hoaxes on the show. For the most part, Spike is a force of nature.

6 Everything in Shiki Ryogi is actually innate (Kara No Kyoukai)

Kara no Kyokai It is a story told outside of chronology. In the first movie, Shiki already has all her powers. She clearly has other personalities, rooted for – and more importantly – her perception of death. This means that the full power of Shiki is already evident from the beginning of the franchise.

If the series is arranged chronologically, it will appear that Shiki is getting stronger with each new part. Fortunately, the films were designed to fit the resolution of the media, instantly casting viewers at the center of the fray. Shiki’s growth experiences are reduced to a backstory.

Edward Elric was a brilliant alchemist. Since the beginning Fullmetal Alchemist: BrotherhoodHe was clearly talented. Edward had the uncommon ability to perform alchemy without a transformation circuit. This, along with his robotic limbs, were the two things that were unique to him.

There were no more changes to Edward’s power after that, all created within the first three episodes. No matter how dangerous the enemies were, Ed had to defeat them with his rigorous knowledge of alchemy.

4 Josuke Higashikata relies on the diversity of his situation (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Unbreakable Diamonds It is one of the strangest installments of the franchise. Most of the animations have a part of life feel to them, so they don’t require the same kind of increased energy levels as the previous parts. Furthermore, Josuke owns Crazy Diamond. As a carrier, it’s one of the physically strongest across the franchise, while also being an incredibly useful support.

The stand can rebuild the things it interacts with, which means it can repair and cure most of the things in the show. Its only limit is the inability to bring back life or heal Josuke. These don’t change, but Josuke does well even with these limits.

3 The fight for the Pink Bride led by Utina Tengo (The Revolutionary Girl Utina)

There is a lot of visual glow The revolutionary girl Utina, but it’s almost all for symbolism or scenery. The stage in which the battles occur is mine. Many strange items such as many classroom tables or cars scattered on the battlefield appear. However, none of these were involved in actual combat.

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Fighting in the anime is based solely on the sword and sports games. Although not classically trained as a fencer, Utena is naturally gifted at sports. It’s no surprise that it works so well. She does not need training to fight specific battles. Utina is gorgeous as is.

2 Motoko Kusanagi is the driving force of Division 9 (Ghost In The Shell: Standalone Compound)

Ghost in Shell: Independent Complex Various cases followed Public Security Section 9 handles. Each member of the team is extremely talented in their disciplines, but their leader Motoko Kusanagi is the ultimate juggernaut. She is decisive, intelligent, commanding, physically strong and relentless. When you are chasing someone, you will do whatever it takes to bring them down.

The conflicts in the show are not related to hand-to-hand combat, so Kusanagi doesn’t need to be stronger than she already is. She makes great use of her and her team’s capabilities to coordinate successful missions. No matter how difficult the task, Kusanagi is ready to crush everything that comes her way.

1 Saitama can only punch everything and win (one punch man)

complete joke one man punch is that Saitama is indeed the strongest character in the anime. One punch from it could kill anything in the show. Saitama can perform extraordinary feats without sweating. It’s the definition of a broken hero. Nothing is good enough to touch.

Saitama is so overpowered that fans resort to fantasizing about him against other anime characters, only to conjure up a fair fight. Within his own universe, there was no need for Saitama to become stronger. It may not even be possible. All he will need is one punch.

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