10 Anime Characters Who Would Do Better at Bleach

whitening It is a hugely popular fantasy shonen series set in a universe revolving around the supernatural and the afterlife. in whiteningIn the world of Soul Reapers, it is the duty of Soul Reapers to accompany the spirits of the dead awaiting the afterlife, but they must also defeat evil spirits called Hollows in battle. It is never an easy task.

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However, there are more than a few anime characters who will actually do well in whitening the universe, mainly as a soul reaper, or as a Quincy archer or hollow catcher. These characters have the right skills and fighting styles to thrive in whiteningAnd they will surely enjoy their time in this shounen universe.

10 Arthur Boyle can become the king of every soul’s knight (the power of fire)

Firefighter Arthur Boyle belongs to Company 8, but he is not appreciated there. Most of the other Fire Soldiers taunt him or overshadow him as shounen heroes, so perhaps Arthur should strap up his plasma sword and find work in a different anime world.

The whitening The universe is a wonderful choice for Arthur. His ability to ignite will be reborn as a zanpakuto shikai, and he will become famous with all the lost and confused souls who need someone to accompany them to the Soul Association. Arthur could watch over them as a benevolent king, charismatic who takes care of his subjects. Everyone will thank him later.

9 Hang Zwe can capture Minos Grande to study (Attack on Titan)

Warrior Scout Hange Zoe is a Titan enthusiast, who dedicate their lives to studying how the Titans work and where they come from. In fact, Hange treated two captive Titans like pets until Annie secretly killed them, then Hange learned the grim truth about the Titans and Aldians.

So, Hange should pack her bags and move to whitening, where they can join Division 12 as a researcher and investigator for the Soul Reaper. Hange can use advanced kido spells to capture and manipulate the unusual Menos Grande specimens in the lab to learn all its secrets. Captain Kurotsuchi would agree.

8 Megumin can practice explosive Kido (Konosuba)

Fortunately for Megumin, Soul Reapers are not expected to use zanpakuto and fight the Hollows closely. Kido Corps, true to its name, consists of kido practitioners who only use kido spells in battle, and Megumin loves to join them.

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As a member of the Kido Corps, Megumin can practice the most advanced kido spells and use them to help other Soul Reapers battling powerful Menos around the world. She can also compete with other Kido Corps members to prove herself as the number one explosive expert here.

7 Kigoro Ringoku would make an excellent Captain (Demon Slayer)

The Nine Elite Sect were actually soul reapers already, they were experienced fighters who swore to slay monsters with their swords. In particular, the flame of Hashira Kyojuro Rengoku will truly blossom in whitening The universe as one of the newest captains.

Kyojuro died at the hands of Akaza, only to be reborn into the spirit community with a new lease on life, so to speak. Kyojuro’s incredible skill, experience, and warm charisma make him an ideal leader. He could take command of the 7th Division, for example, replacing Sajin Kumamura, who is no longer able to fight.

6 Kisho Arima will slay myriad hollows (Tokyo Ghoul)

Tokyo Ghoul is a seinen anime series that also includes a whole host of monster hunters – in this case, CCG detectives skilled at tracking down and destroying ghouls. CCG agents like Kotaro Amon and Akira Mado are pretty good at what they do, but they can’t even compare to Kisho Arima.

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Keishu is a cold-blooded prodigy who could easily send any ghoul into battle, but he eventually died in the Tokyo Ghoul: re. Therefore, he could be reborn into the Soul Society and instead train to be a Soul Reaper. He will soon make a captain and get his own Bankai as well.

5 Kino must become a reaper (Dr. Stone)

At one point, teenage scientist Senku Ishigami helped the residents of Ishigami Village build katanas, and characters like Kohaku and Kenro were very skilled with them against Tsukasa Shishio and his criminals. They may well make Soul Reapers, but Kohaku is too attached to her sister Rui to leave the village.

That leaves Kenro, the serious guard who puts duty first. This, combined with his skills, means that he must train as a spirit leader and serve in the 6th Division, under Captain Byakuya Kuchiki himself. The two will get along well.

4 Mi Zinnin Should Be Quincy (Jujutsu Kaisen)

It’s no secret that this anime is successful Jujutsu Kisen Some items borrowed from whitening, including the concept of a high school punk who gains supernatural powers to fight monsters on the streets. However, not all magicians have a good time fighting curses in this twisted world.

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Mai Zinin suffers from discrimination in the occult world with her sister Maki and can’t stand it. Therefore, it can be reborn in whitening universe as Quincy and utilize her long-range combat skills while searching for the hollows in her hometown. The Quincy tribe generously accepted her as one of them.

3 Yor Forger is needed in Squad 2 (Spy X family)

Yor Forger is secretly the Princess of Thorn, an elite assassin working in the shadows of Ostenia, her homeland. You are very adept at close range combat, but unfortunately Ostanya is not a good home for it. She’s not great at her day job at Burlint City Hall, and the secret police force is just too terrifying.

You must go to whitening Universe, where she can continue her career in assassination without worrying about Ostania’s politics or social ills. Squad 2, for example, consists of the Soul Reapers who will welcome Yor into their ranks, and Yor can focus on the assassin’s full-time business.

2 Asuna Yuki Makes a Witch Reaper (Sword Art Online)

Asuna Yuuki did well for herself in Aincrad and other digital worlds, but she didn’t enjoy any of it. She just wanted to play a super realistic game, not get trapped in isekai adventure. She made the most of it, and fought fiercely to help herself and Kirito escape from this virtual prison.

Asuna is a kind and caring person who is good with a sword, so she should find a job whitening Soul Reaper instead. In particular, Asuna will find it rewarding to accompany the lost and fearful spirits of Karakura City to the Soul Society while valiantly defending them from Hollow invasions.

1 Naofumi Iwatani must join the Kido Legion (Rise of the Shield Hero)

Isekai’s hero Naofumi Iwatani was soon widely hated as a “shield demon”, though his reputation was later restored. However, Naofumi does not get along well with the other Cardinal Heroes as the tank assigned to the team, so isekai’d must be elsewhere, such as whitening.

Like Megumin, Naofumi would find great success as a Kido Corps member and specialize in all kinds of defensive kido spells. Most Soul Reapers will greatly appreciate Naofumi. He would have many guides and senior officers to train in this quest, and he also had a lot of experience fighting monsters.

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