10 Anime Characters Who Would Be A Better Avatar Than Aang

if Avatar: Another Airbender One of the best-loved animated series, Aang ranks among the greatest anime heroes. Optimistic, friendly, and kind-hearted, Aang has captured fans as the main hero of his series. His journey to fulfill his destiny is among the best examples of a hero’s journey in modern fiction.

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For all his accomplishments, Aang is a flawed character at the core. His initial immaturity and reluctance to live up to his role were traits his world could not stand. While he will eventually rise to fulfill his role as an Avatar, some anime characters will make an Avatar better than him.

10 Senku Ishigami is smarter than just about anyone

One of the smartest anime heroes of recent years, Senku Ishigami is a super genius. He possesses a mastery of a wide range of scientific topics, which allows him to solve problems in ways that most people would consider impossible. Despite his intelligence, Senku never let success go to his head. Instead, he is quick to point out the strengths of others and encourages them to use their abilities to the fullest.

As an avatar, Senku can use these attributes to devastating effect. His knowledge of the elements would lead him to create new and innovative bending forms that would engulf the Fire Nation. Meanwhile, his ability to inspire others will encourage his allies to follow suit.

9 Edward Elric was a cliff bending to invisible heights

The name Fullmetal Alchemist, Edward Elric, has an energy group similar to that of Aang. His mastery of alchemy allows him to manipulate the matter around him into whatever shape or form he sees fit. Furthermore, unlike most alchemists, Edward could perform alchemy without the need for a transmutation circuit, albeit due to his earlier decision to perform a forbidden human transmutation.

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If Edward Elric becomes the avatar, his prior knowledge of alchemy will give him an advantage over most benders. His raw strength, combined with the focus and control that Alchemy requires, will give Edward a level of accuracy and control that few Benders have, including some Avatars.

8 Izuku Midoriya will throw himself into his training

Where Aang was born with an innate talent in Bending, Midoriya was the complete opposite of reality. Quirkless status has never stopped him from dreaming of becoming a champion, as he works twice as hard as those around him to make up for his flaws.

If Deku becomes the avatar, that will translate into mastery of items in much less time than Aang. Additionally, his determination to save everyone will lead him to take his duties much more seriously than Aang initially did, although this may have negative consequences for Deku.

7 Naruto shares Aang’s burden but has more motivation

Aang and Naruto are lovable heroes with some surprising similarities. Both were fond of pranks when they were younger, and both carried burdens they had never asked for before. However, what makes them different is how they choose to respond to their duties.

While Aang chose to run away from his life as the avatar, and it took him some time to accept his role, Naruto never ran. Instead, Naruto turned the responsibility into a motive as he worked toward his goal of becoming the Hokage. Naruto will direct the same drive toward mastering items as the avatar. He will likely continue training until he faints from the stress of doing so.

6 Giorno Giovanna will pay evil for evil

Despite being the son of DIO champion JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind The blood of the noble Jostar family runs in his veins to balance it out. Driven by a desire to change the world around him for the better, Giorno is a living embodiment of determination and refuses to allow anyone or anything to get in the way of his goal.

While Giorno is able to show mercy to enemies, he is also more pragmatic than Aang. If a person commits an act that he considers unforgivable, he will not hesitate to commit suicide in response. If it was the Avatar, most likely, the Fire Lord Ozai would not have survived their final battle.

5 Gohan’s son is kind, but he’s ready to kill

as one of the heroes Dragon BallSon Gohan is one of the strongest characters in the franchise. Just like Aang, he started as a kid who hated the idea of ​​fighting, and this helped him greatly in controlling the innate bloodletting of the Saiyan, only letting go of it during times of extreme stress. His compassionate nature is one of Gohan’s best qualities.

The fact that Gohan is a highly analytical fighter makes him a better potential avatar than his father. Gohan will plan his next move ahead of time and work towards achieving the best possible result in combat. And most importantly, despite his merciful nature, experience taught him not to hesitate to kill an opponent if he had the opportunity.

4 Naofumi is incredibly practical

Another hero forced into a role they didn’t want, Naofumi from him Shield Hero Rise He couldn’t be further from Ang as a character. Slow, cynical, slow to trust others, Naofumi can be a ruthless hero willing to resort to deceptive tactics to win. This behavior was born out of pragmatism rather than malice, although his status as a shield hero renders him incapable of attacking.

As the avatar, this pragmatist would serve Naofumi well in battle. Naofumi is no longer restricted by his defensive role, he will use items to the maximum extent of their power. Plus, his willingness to kill to survive means he won’t pull punches if necessary. Fire Lord Ozai will not live to see the light of day. Of course, it could be said that these violent tendencies could make him a great warrior and a lousy avatar.

3 Tanjiro has great sympathy and will

hero Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no YaibaTanjiro Kamado is no stranger to loss and suffering. While Aang sometimes allowed his difficulties to overcome, Tanjiro responded to pressure like an adult. Turning his loss into motivation, Tanjiro sought to become a demon slayer so that no one else would go through what he did.

No matter how many times he gets hit, Tanjirou will always get up again, even if it will cost him his life. It is this indomitable will, despite the many tragedies he faced in life, that allows him to become a powerful demon slayer. Translating that into being an avatar, Tanjirou will risk everything to stop the tyranny of the Fire Nation once and for all.

2 Luffy may ignore rules when necessary

Monkey D. Luffy isn’t exactly the most dangerous drawer knife, but he did make for a friendly, fun-loving selfie, like Aang. His social nature would be quick to make friends, while his overall combat prowess would leave the Fire Nation running on the hills.

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What makes Luffy an avatar so much better than Aang, though, is his willingness to break the rules when necessary. For example, when he faced the likes of Long Feng and his attempts to control Ba Sing Se, Luffy could not stand this nonsense for even a minute. He will go directly to the King of the Earth. Luffy can be very rude at times, but he also knows that the simplest solution to a problem can be the best solution.

1 Lelouch was playing the Fire Nation like a violin

At a glance, it doesn’t look like Lelouch Vi Britannia could make a good selfie. However, his true genius is not in physical combat but in strategic planning. He would use his bending abilities to force superior opponents into positions they weren’t hoping to win, giving him an easy victory.

As for the war against the Fire Nation, Lelouch will find a way to bring a desperate struggle back to the Firebenders. With his skills, the invasion of the Black Sun, whether it was a trap or not, would most likely succeed.

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