10 Anime Characters Like Moon Knight

Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness Threw a multistage wrench in the middle MCU. Oscar Isaac and moon knight The Disney+ series is set to give fans a landing spot with a relatively superhero origin story, but it can be hard to believe that the avatar of the Egyptian moon god Khuncho is a realistic superhero.

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Fortunately, direction moon knight It allowed Mark Spector to exist as a street-level hero and fantasy traveler of the multi-faceted, animated genre. With that in mind, fans can find similarities between Moon Knight and completely different characters like Goku Dragon Ball Reiner of The attack on the Giants.

10 Goku survived as much as Mark Spector (Dragon Ball)

Goku was killed several times while working as a hero in a game Dragon Ball Franchise business. Fortunately, the spiky-haired Saiyan was brought back to life by the Dragon Balls almost as many times as he was killed.

Few other fictional characters have conquered death like Goku. One of the few that has it is the avatar of Khuncho. the newest moon knight The series showed Mark Spector being shot in the chest and brought back to life with the help of Khuncho, but this is likely the first of many death-defying moments for this character.

The Twelfth Crown Prince of the Eastern Xing State began Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood Little more than a mobile swordsman interested in learning more about alchemy from the nation of Amestris.

By the end of the series, Ling was a super powerful homunculus with two brains sharing a similar indestructible body. This character description should remind readers of Mark Spector, who bore multiple characters in a body that was supernaturally augmented by the Egyptian moon god, Khuncho.

8 Spike Spiegel Works Hard To Make Up For His Troubled Past (Cowboy Bebop)

Between Mark Spector’s history as a mercenary and Jake Lockley’s violent past, Moon Knight is the type of character who constantly makes up for his past mistakes. The same can be said of Spike Spiegel, the protagonist Cowboy Bebop.

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throughout Cowboy BebopSpike worked as a bounty hunter, taking out violent criminals across the galaxy as a way to put food on the table and make up for his violent past. Mark Spector does the same, serving the world as a vigilante with a fist of justice to make up for his past as a hired gun.

7 Zenitsu’s transformation between shy and deadly proficiency (Demon Slayer)

Thunder Breathing member of the Tanjiro Kamado crew is considered a master of gunfighting, but only after he falls asleep. Fans can imagine a scene in Demon Slayer It was filmed the same way the first episode was filmed moon knight He is shot, with Zenitsu awakening to a pile of beheaded demons after losing consciousness.

Of course, Zenitsu’s fighting success is channeled into the same martial arts training that Marc Spector is familiar with. Both characters are masters of their weapon of choice and are capable of defeating their opponents with deadly efficiency.

6 Sasuke’s Susanoo is similar to the power given to Moon Knight by Khonshu (Naruto Shippuden)

After opening Mangekyo Sharingan in both of his eyes, Sasuke unleashed Susanoo’s strength. This chakra-powered avatar can be condensed into a suit of armor similar to how Moon Knight can condense Khonshu’s power into a super suit giving him improved speed, strength, and durability.

The last surviving member of the Uchiha clan may have a longer list of abilities than Mark Spector, but their personalities and their improved suits of armor are very similar.

5 Sailor Moon withdraws from the sacred power of the Cup of the Moon (Sailor Moon)

As far as moon-shaped superheroes go, few can match the power of Sailor Moon. While withdrawing from Moon Grail’s power, Sailor Moon is able to launch powerful magical attacks on her enemies. When improved by Helios, Sailor Moon became one of the most powerful characters in the anime genre.

Mark Spector may not be able to make his claims to the title of Strongest Player, but he does benefit from Khoncho’s connection to the moon and a long list of moon-inspired weapons. After drawing his crescent arrows, few fans would be surprised if Moon Knight whipped something resembling a Sailor Moon wand.

4 Korra serves the spirit world as an avatar just like Moon Knight (Korra legend)

An avatar that followed in Avatar Aang’s footsteps and served as the protagonist of The legend of Korra He has a lot in common with Mark Spector. Like Spector, Korra is a stubborn heroine who serves her world as a mediator between the world of god-like spirits and the world occupied by humanity.

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Korra even manages to unleash her power in the form of a giant spirit avatar like Mark Spector does at the end of Disney+ moon knight a series. The power in common between the spirit avatar and personal power is something these two characters have in common.

3 Alluka’s kindness contrasts with Nanika’s terrifying strength (Hunter X Hunter)

The duality between Alluka and Nanika is what served as the basis for the thirteenth major conflict of the Hunter President Election Arc. While Killua is working to save Gon from his nen-induced coma, the rest of the Zoldyck family try to prevent Nanika from unleashing her dark powers on the world.

This dynamic is similar to the way Mark Spector and Stephen Grant struggled to contain Concho’s dark power from spreading to the world through them. by the end moon knight Disney+ series, Mark and Steven fail to contain Khonshu, showing fans how terrifying his power can be when put in the wrong hands.

2 A man may rely on his skills as a martial artist to stop evil (Naruto)

The green-clad taijutsu master from the village hiding in the leaves has a lot in common with Moon Knight. Both heroes serve their city with mastery of martial arts and supernatural abilities that they only quit when pushed to their limits.

Moreover, both characters carry their characters with an impressive degree of confidence. In the case of Moon Knight, Marc Spector has the confidence to confront the gods with a sense of humor while the Might Guy acts like a 100% goof and never fails to bring a smile to his face.

1 Armored Titan and Moon Knight both in action (Attack on Titan)

Reiner’s ability to encase his body in a suit of armor is superior to Khonshu’s Moon Knight suit, but it doesn’t look nearly as great. Of course, Reiner will probably disagree with this, but he will first have to travel to the universe before contacting the Moon Knight.

Of course, both Rainer and Moon Knight have experience exploring the world outside of their home country. Reiner spends most of his time on Paradise Island while Mark Spector travels to Egypt from America to become a Moon Knight.

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