10 anime amazing charming girl that everyone forgot

in the 1990s, sailor moon He gained fans in countries around the world, even children who had never seen a cartoon before. Since then, many Magical Girl anime series have developed a cult following in both East and West: card captor sakuraAnd the Tokyo Miu MiuAnd the nice treatmentAnd the Little Witch Academy.

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Despite this, there are a lot of Magical Girl series that don’t get the credit they deserve. Sometimes, it is because they are not given a global version like other software. Likewise, most of the shows that preceded the ’90s anime boom may not have been well known outside of Japan – with the exception of hardcore anime fans. Even some shows are generally vague simply because they are short-lived.

10 Princess Tutu: The Ugly Duck Meets Swan Lake in this dark fairy tale

Princess Tutu It is something of a torn fairy tale. A duck falls in love with a handsome prince who has lost his heart. She is transformed into a human with the power to become a magical girl – the graceful titular princess Toto – who is tasked with returning the shards of his heart. As in fairy tales, nothing is what it seems. The handsome prince may not be her true love and the magical black girl may be the true heroine of the story. But the narrator may have different plans for each person and even death cannot stop him.

9 Tond Boren: Even the Magical Girls series can have a sense of humor

Tond Borenalso known as super pigis a parody sailor moon with a little Superman It was cast to good measure. Even casual anime viewers know to expect heroines in tutus and crowns in the Magical Girl series, often with an extra bar or a pair of wings as they power up. However, in the series, the main character turns into a superhero pig with the help of magical alien pigs.

Super pigs hope to get magical pearls with their good deeds that will allow them to transform into a more traditional witch girl. However, Karen is still subject to stories that many superheroes face. For example, her love interest crushes her alter ego, despite being an anthropomorphic pig.

Majoko Meg-chan Goes back to the days of Sally the Witch. However, instead of a human girl discovering a world of magic, the heroine is a witch who has been sent to Earth – tested for her eligibility to become the ruler of the magical world. But she is not the only one.

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Majoko Meg-chan He is credited with promoting several metaphors associated with the subsequent Magical Girl series. For example, Meg’s foster mother – a former witch – uses her powers to make her husband and children believe that Meg has always been a part of the family. Similar stories will appear in minky momo and with sailor moonChebeusa. She is also credited as one of the first Magical Girl animations to feature a proper villain.

7 Akazuken Chacha: The series reimagines Little Red Riding Hood as a Little Witch

in Akazuken chachaThe heroine is a young girl named Chacha who is a clumsy magician’s apprentice and lives in a fantasy world filled with characters inspired by fairy tales. Her two companions are Rhea, who comes from a family of werewolves and can transform into a wolf cub, and Sheena, another witch student.

While the original manga was somewhat of a traditional “majokko” or “cute witch” series, the anime mod gives Chacha the ability to transform into a superhero named “Magical Princess” with the help of her friends. This change is likely inspired by the popularity sailor moon.

6 Mahou No Mako-Chan: Even a little mermaid can be a charming girl

Mahou no Mako-chanalso known as mako mermaidIt is one of the early Toei Magical anime that loosely retells the little Mermaid. Mako is a mermaid princess who rescues a young man named Akira and takes the form of a human girl, Mako Urashima, in honor of a Japanese fairy tale. But the alter ego still has some magical powers.

Other superhero characters include the Sea Witch (Mako’s grandmother) and Ryo-o-the-Sea King (Mako’s father). However, the series has left its mark on the anime in general. many sailor moon Fans suspected that Makoto Kino got her famous ponytail and the nickname “Mako-chan” in honor of former Toei heroine. Makoto even occasionally wears an outfit that resembles Mako’s old outfit.

5 Majokko Tickle: This magical girl series came from Go Nagai

Go to Nagai cutie honey It is sometimes considered one of the first Magical Girl series, but the same creator also developed a more traditional heroine from the “majokko” Magical Girl: Majoku tickle. Tickle is a fairy handed down from a story. She befriends a human girl named Tiko, sets her free and uses her powers to be her twin sister.

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Even though she lives in the human world, Tickle still has her own ways of doing things with the help of her magic. The idea of ​​two girls leading the series is said to be inspired by the popularity of the music group, the Pink Lady.

4 Hana no Ko Lunlun: This magical girl was one of the first to arrive in the United States

in Hana No Ko Lunlunalso known as angelLunlun is a young girl whose mission is to find the seven-colored flower to help the prince of the “flower star”. With the help of a talking dog and cat and a mysterious photographer Serge, she travels the world from Europe to North Africa.

Hana No Ko Lunlun It’s also something new for anime fans: his English dub was one of the first Magical Girl animations, and he was one of the first to arrive in the States. Her English dubbing also briefly inspired an internet meme regarding an episode about bees.

3 Too Crazy: Anime is something of a throwback to Majokko

so obsessed It focuses on two girls and best friends: a senseless human girl named Ayo, and a witch from a magical world who is studying to strengthen her magic, Nina Sakura. The manga and anime take the introduction in different directions.

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Possibly a throwback to the traditional “majokko” anime, Nina entered a contest to determine which young witch would marry the Prince of the Wizarding World – she even gave her a rival character named Maya. This was allegedly due to an interest in adapting manga into an anime prior to its publication.

2 Introduction: This magical girl comes complete with seven magical boys

in briterHimeno’s mother died, and her father married a cold woman with two daughters from her. Himeno’s life becomes more than just a fairy tale when she encounters seven young men who have power over the different elements: wind, sound, fire, light, water, ice and plants. Now, Himeno is tasked with fighting an evil princess and her minions, as well as summoning a powerful snowman from miracles.

Fortunately, Himeno can fuse with each of her new knights to become a magical hero known as “Prétear”. The manga and anime differ in a few points, such as the identity of the main villain. One of the reasons the series is probably so obscure is that the anime only ran for thirteen pilot episodes.

1 Vampire Princess Mio: This magical girl is for horror fans

While some anime fans classify Vampire Princess Mio As a straightforward horror series, others argue that the heroine is a prototype of the Magical Girl Warrior, fighting monsters even before sailor moon. Of course, the twist here is that Mio is as beastly as the creatures she fights.

The character Mio and her origins appear in the manga, anime, and OVA. It is not always the same. She may want to adapt to humans or just treat saving the day as her job. Usually the daughter of a human and a monster – although accounts differ as to which parent it was. One of its most famous powers is to conjure fire, although it is also able to put people into dream-like states by drinking their blood.

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